Rahu and Ketu Transit 2019

Rahu and Ketu Transit 2019

On 7th March 2019, Rahu and Ketu Transit, a special astrological event has occured. Rahu was in Cancer ascendant since 2 years and now it has shifted to Gemini. Why Gemini? This is because, Rahu always moves backwards. Now, Rahu is in Gemini and Ketu is in Sagittarius and this transition will last for 2 years and some days. The transit of Rahu in Gemini is not good for most of the sign. Here, you can see a brief remedy for all the signs but actual and proper remedies could only be described by complete analysis of your horoscope. Get your report of Rahu-Ketu transit 2019.

Aries – Try to worship Goddess Saraswati to get through the troubles in easy way.

Taurus – For Taureans, wear eight mukhi rudraksha.

Gemini – For Gemini, they must keep a solid solver ball to sail through the trouble time of rahu-ketu transit 2019.

Cancer – Try to adrift some coconuts in a nearby river or pond throughout Rahu-Ketu transit.

Leo – Planetray yantra for Rahu can help a lot to Leo born native. This would help you to get score pleasing time throughout the Rahu transit 2019.

Virgo – Try to donate some barley nearby a temple or any other place of worship to strengthen debilitated Rahu.

Libra – Libra people should feed the visually challenged people to seek the blessings of Rahu and get easily through this transit.

Scorpio – Scorpions should apply saffron tilak on their forehead and if possible specially on Thursday to combat through the malefic effect of Rahu transit 2019.

Sagittarius – Sagittarians must try to keep a piece of silver with them without fail to get through the malefic effects of Rahu Transit 2019.

Capricorn – Capricorn people must try to immerse at least six coconuts in a nearby river or pond to seek the blessings of Rahu Transit 2019.

Aquarius – Aquarius should try to offer red lentils to the house-keeping staff or to the poor to get rid of the malefic effect of Rahu transit 2019.

Pisces – Pisces should wear a silver ring to avoid the ill-effects of Rahu Transit 2019.

Rahu Transit 2019 is one of the most important transits and will cast a greater impact on your health, peace, happiness and overall life. Try to do the remedies and if possible book for Rahu-Ketu Transit Report 2019. This report will try to give you proper and accurate solutions to your problems. If you’re going through the major mahadasha of Rahu, and it is favorable for you, then wearing Hessonite or Gomedh gemstone may favour you during this period. Rahu mantra recitation may also help you a lot to combat through the hurdles of Rahu-Ketu Transit 2019.



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