Reasons for Wearing Pearl

Reasons for Wearing Pearl

In astrology Pearl is considered the benefic stone for bringing good effects of Moon. If Moon is weak in the birth chart, then wearing Pearl (Moti) can enhance the good effect of Moon (Chandrama) in the life of the wearer. It enhances the stability of the mind. It is useful for stimulating the healthy relationship between the couples and is very good for stabilizing the mind.
Pearl gemstone is good for increasing the self-confidence and is useful for the pregnant ladies. It brings optimistic thinking and is good thoughts for increasing the various dimensions of the mind. It raises muscular strength and infuses creativity such as art and craft. Pearl is also useful for removing depression and mental trauma. It brings emotional stability and increase the mind force. It is associated with the business of export, import, vegetable, perfumes and milk. Pearl gemstone brings harmony and mental peace and makes one alert for the life and the well being. Pearl in combination with Rudraksha helps to solve problems associated with depression and other mental trauma.
Pearl is also used for making jewelry rings. It can be set in gold/silver and bronze. It should be worn on Monday and ring should be washed with water before wearing.

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