Relation between planets

Relation between Planets

There are twelve planets according to astrological science. Each planet is aspected by a certain sign in astrology. For example; the sun rules Leo, the Cancer rules Moon and Pisces and so on. But some planetary signs are friendly to each other while others are inimical to each other as for example; Jupiter is friendly to Mars while Moon is favourable to any of the zodiac signs. A planet is said to be a friend of the other whose rays it does not counteract.

Permanent Friendship

Planet – Sun – Friend – Moon, Mercury and Jupiter / Enemy – Saturn, Venus / Neutral – Mercury.
Planet – The Moon – Friend – Sun, Mercury / Enemy / None / Neutral – Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus.
Planet –Mars – Friend – Jupiter, Moon, Sun , Enemy – Saturn. Venus / Neutral – Mercury.
Planet – Mercury – Friend –Sun, Venus / Enemy – Saturn, Mars, Jupiter / Neutral – Moon.
Planet – Jupiter – Friend – sun, Moon, Mars / Enemy – Saturn / Neutral – Mercury , Venus.
Planet – Venus – Friend – Mercury, Saturn – Enemy –Mars, Jupiter / Neutral – Moon, Sun
Planet – Saturn – Friend – Venus, Mercury / Enemy – Jupiter / Neutral – Mars, Moon, Sun

The planets which are found in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th 11th and 12th signs from any other planets become the latter’s temporary friends. The other is its enemies.


Each planet is held to be exalted when it is in a particular sign. The power to do good when in exaltation is greater than when in its own sign. The sun, the moon, mars, mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are in the deep exaltation in Aries 10 degree, Taurus 3 degree, Capricorn 28 degree, Virgo 15 degree, Cancer 5 degree, Pisces 27 degree, Libra 20 degree, Taurus 20 degree and Scorpio 20 degree respectively.

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