Remedies for Improving Relationships

Remedies for Improving Relationships

Quarreling can cause constant stress in relationship which in turn hampers happiness in family. Often there are various reasons for quarrelling and it may be insignificant, but the family members may not come forward to mend relationship. In such circumstances it is essential to get some help from mantra and remedies for maintaining cordial relationship between couple. Good relationship is essential for proper growth and happiness in life because lack of happiness can cause emotional distress leading to failures and several strange conditions that a person can experience. Relationship needs sacrifice, people are different from each other. Compatibility can be attained by proper understanding of one’s mental level and way of living. Marriages are breaking on wide range now days due to misunderstanding and incompatibility, lack of sacrifice between relationships is also one of the major cause for breaking relationships. Mantra and remedies can help one to get through the rough patches of life for full attainment of happiness and conjugal married life. Mantra also helps to bring smoothness between various relations in our life.

The following 9 mantras are very powerful and can help to bring more tranquillity into the family.
Om kleem krishnaya govindaya namah

Om kleem krishnaya achyuthaya namah

Om kleem krishnaya madhavaya namah

Om kleem krishnaya gopiipriyaya namah

Om kleem krishnaya govallabhaya namah

Om kleem krishnaya purushatmane namah

Om kleem krishnaya prathamaya namah

Om kleem krishnaya mohanaroopaya namah

Om kleem krishnaya sushyama komalaya namah

Enchanting these mantras 11 times every morning and evening sitting in front of a lit lamp can be very useful for energizing these mantras. It is also beneficial to start chanting mantra on a Thursday morning. If possible, keep tulsi leaves on a photo of Lord Shiva or to the base of the lamp while chanting mantra.

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