Redies to strengthen planets in a horoscope

Remedies To Strengthen Planets In a Horoscope

Remedies to strengthen planets in the horoscope
Life becomes tough sometimes for no reason; the much thought and the anticipated promotion can jut slip away and there can b simple twist that can turn into a major fracture. Your spouse may be rude against you and there can be a break-up. Yeah……life is unpredictable; it is like a playground where our creator can play without any rules.

Planets and horoscope
According to Hindu astrology each individual is deeply attached to a unique planet, the Sun and Moon constellations, etc; entities which are 100s of 1000s miles away from us. These are the floating objects that affect our lives.

As per Puranas and Vedas, planetary motions can be influenced by sacred pujas and ygnas; sometimes these religious rituals may take days, months and even years to stabilize planetary motions.

Expensive religious rituals
Sometimes it is not possible for everyone to afford to prolong rituals and remedies. But this doesn’t mean that we are helpless. Our religious scholars explain that there are some simple home remedies that can be followed for strengthening the planets.

To strengthen Sun:
It is good if you take direct sunlight each morning for a couple of minutes. This way you may embrace the benefits of sunlight. Also, consume your food in the presence of sunlight.

To strengthen Moon:
It is advised to have food in cold or frozen after sunset. If possible please refrain from consuming the packaged food and always take fresh food, even in case of milk.

To strengthen Mars:
Try to sleep on the floor and it would be good if you could go slat off once in a week. Try to include jaggery in your diet and chant Hanuman Chalisa regularly.

To strengthen Mercury:
Introduce a greener diet. Try to avoid chemical based food and skincare. Listen to soft music which can help you to soothe your weaker planet.

To strengthen Jupiter:
Avoid non-veg food if you are consuming it. Go vegetarian and incorporate turmeric into your eating. Never let your hair grow to blow your shoulder.

To strengthen Venus:
It is advised to take an aromatic bath or apply some aroma to clean yourself. Always try to wear clean and washed cloth and garments. Eat yoghurt as this will help to strengthen your weak planet.

To strengthen Shani:
Worship Lord Hanuman regularly as this will help to reap benefits. Try to visit and worship Shani temple.

To strengthen Rahu-Ketu:
Helping the ailing patients and donating medicines and treatments to the needy helps to reap benefits. If possible, try to take a bath every day and early in the morning. After a bath, worship Tulsi and consume two leaves of tulsi daily

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