Role of Astrology In Marriage

Role of Astrology In Marriage

Role of Astrology In Marriage
Vedic astrology is very useful for determining the correct age if marriage. There are multiple rules that are studied to draw the conclusion for marriage. Parents are worried about their children marriage and they desire to marry them in a good house. For the daughter, they destined themselves to find a well established and a good person to have a happy life for their daughter. But sometimes we have seen that although all the prospects are good and beneficial yet the marriage fails or hurdles are there in finding a suitable groom or bride.
• The 7thhouse is widely studied for drawing out the conclusion for the marriage. If it is aspected by a malefic planet then the result will be inauspicious if a benefic planet occupies it then result will be auspicious.
• If natural malefic planet planets are conjoined together or aspecting the 7th house of marriage then there will be a delay in marriage.
• If the lord of 7th house is aspecting, its own house then there will be harmony in marriage.
• Jupiter, being the significator of Karaka for marriage plays an important role and its transition to a certain house is also considered for marriage.
• Mars in the girl horoscope is considered for happy and harmonious married life, so it should be studied carefully. Manglik Dosha can ruin a happy married life. Proper remedies for Manglik Dosha should be carried to remove the malefic effect of Mars.
• Placement of Venus is also studied for a happy marriage. Venus, the planet of love brings happiness and harmony if placed in a benefit and suitable house in the horoscope.
• 8th House in the horoscope signifies the longevity of the spouse, so this should be interpreted carefully. If one member has malefic planets in this house then think twice before proceeding.
• The tenth house is the house of in-laws and the third house is brother-in-law and sisters-in-law. The position of the planets in these houses represents the good or the bad relations with in-laws.
• Sub-period of Rahu and Venus holds the potential for giving marriage irrespective of their lordship, hence should be seen in the context of the suitable age.
• The time period of Lagna (ascendant) is also very important. Whenever the Lagna lord is placed in a healthy house then all kind of good events happen in the life.

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