Role of Malefic planets in your life

Role of Malefic planets in your life

How do the Malefic planets in Vedic astrology affect your life?

There are a host of attributes and factors that can affect your life and most of it is associated with the placement of planets in your ‘house.’ When an individual is born, he/she takes birth in certain ‘nakshatra’ or planets placement. In Vedic astrology, this becomes the essence of analyzing the strength or weakness of each planet and its affect on an individual’s life.

There are certain malefic planets which come with their qualities and affects on individual’s life. These planets include Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Mars and Sun. Let us have a look at their importance in Vedic astrology and how they can create an impact in your life.

Sun- Considered as the soul or aatma that functions each living being in the world, Sun is the King and therefore, has a lot of positive aspects. While Moon is the motherly planet, Sun is considered as the fatherly figurine in the planetary system. People with Sun in their stronger positions are therefore, authoritative and possess immense strength and self-respect. People with strong Sun are independent and have vitality and physical health. Sun makes a person energetic. But a weaker placement of Sun can make you egoistic and weak.

Mars Mars represents confidence, scientific strength, courage and bravery. People having strong Mars in their nakshatra are doctors, engineers, soldiers and policemen, and also real estate and land. Mars represents action and is the planet of athletes as well. Mars can help an individual outsmart his/her competitors. Those afflicted by this planet can however be the people who fight a lot.

Saturn: This is among the most important planets in Hindus and Vedic astrology. Also known as Shani, this planet is a representative of hermit and also depicts life, poverty and old age. It is considered as a judgemental planet and those with strong Shani are great in sectors like business and politics. These people are self empowered, successful and hardworking. This planet has characteristics like loss, longevity, responsibility and discipline. People with weaker Saturn are irresponsible and lead an indiscipline life.

Rahu: This planet is considered as ascending north node affecting Moon in comparison to other planets. This planet can help an individual get fame, name, foreign travels and sudden changes. It also assists in healing your diseases quickly. Rahu can make an individual rich and can help you pave greater ways for scientific discoveries and refined arts.

Ketu: The descending south node affecting Sun is Ketu. For spiritual reasons, Ketu is considered important in vedic astrology. It brings about considerable changes and works for one’s favour in situations like breaking relationships, accidents and vital life events.

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These are some of the malefic planets. While their positive presence in your nakshatra can bring about positivity, you must also try to find cures through vedic gemstones in case of their negative presence.



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