Role of Nine Planets In Astrology

Role of Nine Planets In Astrology is unique and it demands attention. The whole kingdom of astrology is based on Astrology. It is only the planetary combinations that can make one a beggar and a rich. It can make one insane or a jolly person. It can make one full of love or full of hatred. It can make one a successful planner or a failure in all sphere.

Let us look the role of each planets one by one and try to assimilate what Astrology teaches us about each of them.

The Sun

The Sun is the centre of the solar system and is the greatest distributor of heat, light, magnetism etc. He governs the breath of life, the inspiration and the expiration. All the spiritual, mental and physical expressions in life are but the manifestations of this great soul-force and magnetism. Thus, the vitality, and the power of resistance to disease are his gifts. All the sterling qualities, such as the highest devotion to God, pure and unadulterated love, Inspiration, Intuition, Activity, Emotion, Meditation, Reflection, Power  and Authority are governed by this Lord planet.

The Moon

While the Sun is positive, imparting man with will force and individuality, the Moon is negative, giving changeable and plastic nature, ruling over personality and form. Hence, she is called a feminine or female planet. She is the Virgin Mary of the Roman Catholic, and the Mother of the Heavens. She inclines the mind to mediumship and occult investigation, and to the study of mesmerism, telepathy etc. She rules over the air, the water and the ether.

The Mercury

Mercury is the planet which revolves around the Sun in about 88 days and is the nearest planet to the Sun, being about 36 million miles distant. Its chief domain is over the mind, memory, intelligence, perception, genius, knowledge, commerce and education power, power of speech and writing. Mercury governs Sarat Ruthu and rule sover the thyroid gland of the body.

The Venus

Venus is otherwise called as Hesperus when appearing as the morning or the evening star respectively. This is nearly 67 million miles away from the Sun with a diameter of 7,000 miles. When Venus is dominant in a horoscope and is harmoniously situated by position and aspect, it is sure to give continuous good luck even though the person is not endowed with the intrinsic worth necessary for the attainment of it.

The Mars

Mars is the deity of the Buddhist, and the God of the Romans. It is God of the war. It is this that gives activity, muscular strength, grit, force and power for practical expression. It gives determination and the desire to succeed in the material field, favor learning of sciences. If weak and afflicted in a horoscope, it may give rash behavior.

The Jupiter

Jupiter is the planet of expansion; it is next to the Sun I size and orb, and, in brightness, next to the Venus. Jupiter governs education, happiness, health, wealth and respect towards elders and preceptors, good morals and conduct. It rules over Tin; its colours are purple and its favours, sweet and fragrant. It represents the “Sattvaguna” of the Hindus. If in good aspect with Mercury, the lord of the pure intellect, it is sure to give intellectual pursuits as the line of vocation bets fitted and the ability for practical execution.

The Saturn

Saturn is the counterfeit of Jupiter in as much as the former destroys and constricts while the latter preserves and expands everything. Saturn represents the creative power Brahma, the length of life, the happiness from menial servants, useless discussions, old age, and unsympathetic. Saturn, when bad, gives persistent bad luck, up-hill, sorrows and disappointments. This is the planet of judgment and cast its shadow in all good and bad deeds of life.

The Rahu

It rules over the things that unexpectedly come to pass and that can be completed in the shortest possible time. Thus, it rules over telegraphy, railways and all modes of transit that can be completed in the shortest possible time. No doubt, it gives great zeal; when well aspected, far reaching imagination and a head for novel scheme. If well placed in a horoscope, gives the ability for inventions or discoveries. When prominent in angles with good aspects, it gives the ability to be at the head of all things.

The Ketu

If happily placed in a horoscope, it is sure to give keenness and enthusiasm, and genius for poetry, music, spiritualism and occultism. It gives receptivity and versatility, but when afflicted, it turns out to be the most evil planet producing unstability. Its colour is deep blue or lavender. It rules over the fluid in the spinal canal and pineal gland in special. It can cause eye diseases and brain troubles. If good in aspect, it gives spirituality progress and religious favor.

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