Role of Vedic Astrology In Prevalence of Diseases

Role of Vedic Astrology In Prevalence of Diseases

How can Vedic astrology help you find out prevalence of diseases in body?

Role of Vedic Astrology In Prevalence of Diseases carries significance due to the role of planets. No two human beings are absolutely alike. They may be similar to each other or even look like one another, but when it comes to the exact copy, there’s nothing that can establish proximity of human beings. Different people behave and act differently and the reasons of our dissimilarities are mostly dependent upon the nakshatra in which we are born. Vedic astrology is not just a concept of Hindus based on their preconceived notions or certain myths, but is a deeply connected science of studying stars, planets and their movements in universe. Thus, Indian astrology also establishes how these cosmic movements are responsible for affecting our behaviours and patterns in life.

A lot of psychiatrists and psychologists study behavioural patterns, attitudes and defects of human minds, all of which are also a part of Vedic astrology. The most competent astrologers can study these changes through a few manifestations and predict the occurrence of certain events. This however, does not mean that astrology is a fool-proof and sure shot mechanism to forecast what is going to happen and which particular disease can affect a human body or mind. Astrology can “hint” about major life changes or existence of minor or major health issues in a much generalized way. Role of Vedic Astrology In Prevalence of Diseases

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This is done through planetary movements and existence of these stars or cosmic energies during an individual’s birth time. The transits of stars or planets at a particular phase of life can help astrologers find out about the Dasa-Antardasa. It is primarily a mechanism which allows the astrologers to learn about events of one’s life on broader lines, while also indicating about one’s longevity.

Some of the most well known and educated astrologers in Vedic science are also capable of accurately telling the kinds of diseases which an individual may suffer in the times to come. Vedic astrology is thus a refined form of science and art that can help individuals take preventive measures and avoid the occurrence of dangerous diseases.



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