Role of Rahu In Astrology

Role of Rahu In Astrology

Role of Rahu In Astrology is at par. Rahu is a shadowy planet and it is also known as the north node of the Moon, i.e. the point of intersection of Sun and Moon. According to Hindu Mythology, it is also called as the head of the Dragon. Rahu is a rebellious planet and it hates authority. Rahu never gets well with the Sun. It is the dark side of us.

Rahu is the public so everything which is known to the public comes under the domain of Rahu. It is the ruler of deception so also called as the king of the deception. It is the greatest plotter, greedy and posses manipulative tendencies too. Rahu gives name, fame, popularity in politics and authority too in a government. Hessonite or Gomedh is the lucky gemstone for Rahu but before wearing it consult an expert Astrologer.

Rahu is the desire that attracts you toward the materialistic terms and it comes under the area of Rahu. It also shows how you fulfil your desires. If you have Rahu in Taurus placement then it will incline you to the material possessions and luxuries of life. If you have Rahu in Scorpio then you would be more invested in carnal desire and passion. Placement of Rahu in Sagittarius gives love for travel and especially for spiritual reasons.

Placement of Rahu governs your deceptive self

The placement of Rahu in Pisces would manipulate situations using their language and while someone with Rahu in Aries would rather use force to manipulate. Rahu in Capricorn gives weight on lies and fake promises and Rahu in Scorpio would convince with hypnotic charm and fake promises.

Rahu & Addictions Astrology

The placement of Rahu and the role of rahu in astrology is mainly taken at the time of birth and shows your approach towards fame. Someone with Rahu in Leo may use leadership to gain fame, and the one with Rahu in Sagittarius would earn fame with help of virtuous and justice-seeking activities. Rahu in Aquarius gives alcoholic tendencies and in Taurus gives drug addiction.

Rahu & Illusions

It is also the Karaka of illusion. If one has Rahu in Aries then he or she would be a double-faced person and there is a lot below the blanket too. Placement of Rahu in Taurus gives false impressions through his or her language and Rahu in Gemini would also create an illusion of being highly knowledgeable than they are. Rahu in Scorpio would give complete mystery and those in Cancer would be secretive about their feelings and emotions.



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