Rose Quartz for Wealth and Happiness

Rose Quartz is a very lucky gemstone for increasing wealth and love in life. Rose quartz Sri yantra helps to destroy the financial troubles and misfortunes. Besides, it also helps in maintaining the equilibrium between spirituality and materialism. It is very auspicious for enhancing luck in life. Being in the shape of the yantra, rose quartz doesn’t work less than any powerful talisman. It is universal truth that Sri Yantra is the king of all Yantras and it is basically the coordination of 9 triangles. Rose quartz is also the substitute gem of the symbolic emblem of love. Being the bestower of both wealth and peace its utility becomes more. Rose quartz contains specific energy of high magnitude and it attracts happiness. Due to the effect of this gem, the native residing in its vicinity attracts the help and cooperation of others and his humane qualities. Get your ‘Gemstone Recommendation’

Rose quartz is not only beautiful and attractive in its look but it has hidden power and it makes one a special human being. The sriyantra made of rose quartz solves all the problems existing in the house and the office. Rose quartz sriyantra enables its mediator to get rid of all the evils and all the goodness entering into life. It protects from all the evils in life. It is the best remedy for maintaining the stability in wealth and prosperity.

 Recite the following Mantra along with the worship of Sriyantra on crystal rosary for 7, 11 or 108 times.

                                                “Om Hring Shring Shukray Namah”

Rose Quartz Laxmi Ganesh sri yantra are important and its praise is like showing the light to Sun. Especially if Laxmi Ganesh is made by the precious gem like Rose quartz then it carries immense glory. By this Sri Yantra, Laxmi ji becomes very happy and opens the door of wealth and ensures the stability of wealth. Rose quartz is very beautiful and magnificent substitute gem.

Benefits of Rose Quartz Sri Yantra

It solves the problems which are related to wealth and house.

Rose Quartz increases love and harmony in conjugal life. Its presence in the house increases love, coordination and new energy in relationship.

It is specially used to resolve the broken relationship.

Rose Quartz if given as a gift to near and dear ones strengthens the mutual relationship.

From emotional point of view, rose quartz increases the self-respect and self-pride.

This gem helps in stabilizing the emotional balance and reduces tension.

It is important to know that the effect of Rose Quartz increases with the increase in its weight. In order to attain all its positive qualities it must be of good weight, a maximum of 100 gram. With the increase in its weight it also becomes better. Hence Rose Quartz should be of significant size.

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