Ruby Gemstone Facts

Ruby Gemstone Facts

Ruby, also known as Manik or Manak, is the gemstone of love. The word “Ruby” is derived from the Latin word “Ruber” which stands for red. The presence of small amount of chromium gives the gemstone red color. The color of the Ruby varies from pink to dark red color. Ruby gemstone represents pride, power and prestige. If Sun is mispositioned in the horoscope, it can cause issues related to health and life. Ruby nullifies the ill-effects of the Sun and imparts good health and strength to the wearer. Ruby holds great ability to maximize positive effects of Sun. So Ruby is addressed as ‘The king of Gemstone’.

Who should wear
CareerRuby or Manik gemstone is related to Manipura Chakra (the naval chakra of the body ). It is useful in unblocking this chakra and strengthens the power and leadership quality in a person. This is a very effective gemstone for person who is in the area of engineering, politics, actors, goldsmiths and government officials. Hence, wearing this gemstone can bestow one with kingly status and flood of wealth. Besides this, this precious stone enhances the ability to do away with confusions and stay focused!

Health – Ruby is very useful in granting mental and physical supremacy to the wearer. It helps in adding vibrancy and enthusiasm in the wearer’s life by removing pain and apathy. It helps to cure stomach pain and cure stomach related problem. Ruby has the ability to bring love and commitment in the life of the wearer. Couples going through bad phase of love life can get good effect after wearing Ruby gemstone.

Life – Ruby gives energy to the Sun and makes a person energetic and full of life. Ruby removes the negativity form the life and helps to remove sadness and depression from the life of the wearer. This highly intensified stone rejuvenate the system and heals the same.

Marriage – It is associated with love and passion and has the ability to bring love and commitment in the life of the wearer. Ruby strengthens the bond and ignites passion between the couple. This capable gemstone brings sensuality and energy back in the life of the wearer.

When and How to wear it:
1) Manik or Ruby gemstone should be fixed in gold and copper for desired results on the basis of horoscope and position of planets in Kundlis.
2) Before wearing the ring or pendant made of this gemstone, one should always concentrate it in order to benefit from this capable stone.
3) This gemstone should be worn between 5am to 7am in Shukla Puksha recommended by an expert.



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