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Ruby Meaning & Mystical Power

Ruby Meaning & Mystical Power

  • Ruby Meaning, Powers and History
    Ruby gemstone is described as the most beautiful red coloured gemstone. The Indians call the ruby as Ratnanayaka, the lord of all gemstones. In Hinduism, ruby is known as the king of precious stones and the leader of gems. People divided rubies into castes, much like social. Rubies were sorted into upper, middle and lower classes. In India, people who donated rubies for honouring Lord Krishna were assured of being reborn as an emperor in a future life. Hindus consider light-coloured rubies to be appropriate for women, and darker rubies to be appropriate for men. In China, Mandarin’s rank was indicated by the colour of the stone in his ruby ring.
  • Mystical Powers of Ruby
    Ruby has immense mystical power. It has been since long time that rubies are known for positive effects and mystical powers. In the middle ages, rubies were known as a stone of prophecy and were thought the stone darkened when danger comes near. In the Thirteenth Century, it was prescribed for the treatment of liver diseases. When Ruby is rubbed on the skin, it helps one to restore youth and vitality.
  • Physically, rubies balance the energy and stimulate the heart chakra of the body. It also encourages passion and helps one to get out of the self-destructive life. Rubies overcome exhaustion and also calm hyperactivity gland of the body. They are good for the heart and circulatory system and stimulate the adrenals, kidney and reproductive organs of the body.
  • Emotionally, it is known that rubies help in the improvement and setting goals for life. They also promote positive dreams and clear visualization for the people. They help to remove negative energies and bring change and reversal in life. They help one to feel stronger and younger during times of controversy or dispute and shield against physical attack. A ruby is dynamic and brings passion and enthusiasm.
  • Physical Properties and Science of Rubya
    Ruby is an excellent and rarest of all gemstone. It is one of the most precious and valuable gemstone in nature. It offers color that range from brownish red to light red similar to ripe raspberries having an excellent hardness. The color of the ruby is accompanied by a marked fluorescence, which is stimulated by natural and artificial light making rubies turn brighter red under such light.
    The color of Ruby is an important attribute, while its transparency is secondary. It is almost impossible to find a ruby of finer quality over 3 carats in size and some inclusions may be available in natural ruby gemstone. The price of ruby depends on the cut, color and the clarity of the gemstone. The best quality ruby may cost between INR 2000 to INR 10,000 per carat. If you wish to buy natural Mozambique / Burmese Ruby gemstone you may visit astrokapoor e-store. We’re the leaders in the gemstone industry and all our gemstones are certified by a reputed gem lab. Before buying Ruby look for certificate of authentication.

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