Ruchaka Yoga In Vedic Astrology

Ruchaka Yoga In Vedic Astrology

Ruchaka Yoga In Vedic Astrology

Ruchaka Yoga is formed by Mars, the fiery planet in a horoscope and it is considered as one of the five most auspicious Yogas in Vedic astrology called Panch MahaPurusha Yogas. According to the existed definition of Ruchaka Yoga, when Mars is present in Kendra from Ascendant in a horoscope, which means when Mars is present in 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house from Ascendant in a horoscope in any one of the three signs namely Aries, Scorpio and Capricorn, Ruchaka Yoga is formed in the horoscope.

Importance of Ruchaka Yoga

Ruchaka Yoga is a very powerful yoga, it can bless the native with many good things in life but depending on the strength of this Yoga in a horoscope as well as on the overall tone of the horoscope. Mars is the planet associated with bravery, courage, physical energy and quick actions. The formation of Ruchaka Yoga in the horoscope can bless the native with success in the professional field too. Hence the person who has Ruchaka Yoga may be a successful athlete, naval officer, army officers, ministers and many other types of profession depending on the position of Mars in the horoscope.

As we know that all these qualities are very rare and not found in great number of people. Therefore the formation of Ruchaka Yoga in a horoscope should be analysed carefully and it shouldn’t be something that repetition in the horoscope. Hence, if a person is very good then this goodness is shown in the horoscope.

Analysis of Ruchaka Yoga

This Yoga is present in every 12th house on average as there are only 12 houses and 12 signs in a horoscope. The possibility of Mars being placed in any particular house in different signs makes 12 placements of Mars in every house. Since Mars can be present in 12 different signs in each house, so the total number of combinations for all 12 houses will be 144.

The most important factor for the formation of Ruchaka Yoga in a horoscope is that Mars should be benefic planet in a horoscope, apart from being placed in anyone of the mentioned houses. On the other hand, if malefic mars is placed in any of the mentioned 4 houses in any of the signs namely Aries, Scorpio and Capricorn may not form the Ruchaka Yoga. This is because a positive yoga is a good thing and good thing can only be rendered by benefic planets.

If malefic Mars is placed in the 1st house in Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn may give enhanced physical energy and courage to the native but the native may use them negatively. Though this native may witness short term gains, if the overall horoscope is supportive of such gains; the results, in the long run, may be very bad.

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