Sade sati remedies

Sade sati remedies

Are you eager to know the impact of Sade Sati in your horoscope? Are you feared by the thought of Sade Sati in your coming life?
Sade Sati is the seven and a half years of Saturn, which starts when Saturn comes 12th from your birth moon sign. It can also be considered when Saturn enters the zodiac sign immediately before the zodiac sign of Moon at the time of birth of an individual. Saturn and it period are always considered dreadful as one exerts according to the position of the Saturn in one’s horoscope.

There are various findings done by the Vedic astrology which mentions that the impact is different for each and every person. It is known that the Sade sati of the Saturn’s doesn’t impact much to the people of Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius ascendant. This period effects positively to the person of the following zodiac. But remember this is a generalized finding of astrology. It always depends upon the position and various planets impacting Saturn in a horoscope.
The most damaging impact of Saturn founded till now during the Sade sati period is for Cancer and Leo. For Cancer Moon sign, Saturn in the first phase of Sade sati will enter first phase in the Gemini sign which is the friend of Saturn, so this period will not give bad result. In the next dhaiyya Saturn will enter Cancer which will not give good result as Moon is the enemy of Saturn. The next stage is the most damaging due to the Saturn’s entry into the enemy sign, Leo. The third dhaiyya will be in the Virgo, which will be normal as Mercury is the planet of Virgo and friend of Saturn.

Venus and Mercury are friends of Saturn while Jupiter carries a neutral effect for this planet.

Why was Sade Sati known as a period of hardship in your horoscope? Sade sati is known as the cause of hardship because Saturn is a teacher like Jupiter, but Saturn is very tough in comparison to Jupiter. Saturn loves to show the doings and the reality of your life. Many of us live in daydreaming, Saturn teaches you to live in the present and work hard.
When Sade sati comes, it repolishes and rejuvenates a person. Most people lose their family members during this period, this is a result of the past life karma. The good and bad karma which you do in past life karma is denoted by the impact of Sade sati in your life.

Remedies for Sade Sati
There are some precautions which should be followed during the period of Sade Sati. Avoid wearing an iron ring on your finger, as it can lead to more harm as it will activate Saturn. Remember, you are fighting with the 4.5 billion-year-old energy which is teaching a lesson of the past life Karma. It teaches you a lesson for your benefit.
Remember not everyone with Sade Sati will face a struggle. But, it is also found that most of the people of Sade Sati face a problem. Our experience has found that during this period, even the King gets down to the level of a pauper. Similarly, it is also found the people ascending the ladders of success during Sade Sati. But during this period, various planets and running period should also be considered.

Get the detailed analysis of the impact of Sade Sati, remedies from our expert. We check the horoscope and if any Dosha is found we suggest essential steps to resolve these issues.

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