Saturn and Jupiter

Saturn and Jupiter – Pillars of Vedic Astrology

Saturn and Jupiter are the two major planets among the vedic planets. The planetary vibration of Saturn restricts the limits and crystallizes and also helps to bind everything. It holds and fashion, solidifies, all that come under its sphere. We can say that Saturn is the figuratively speaking the urn that holds the “SAT”, meaning “That one ever present reality in the infinite world”. Saturn is the judge and it gives the best judgment of the Karma.

In life it is essential that we are attracted towards the sensations and lovely feelings towards external objects and this is the point, where the role of Saturn comes into play. It checks and restricts the feelings that may land you into trouble. It is therefore the vibrations of Saturn that cause each human personality to know itself as a separate and a distinct entity. Saturn as a ruler of the personal ego is the planet of the fate.

Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion and its vibrations are concerned with the form of the side of manifestation and like Saturn it is like a symbol which holds the life. Jupiter’s influence in the subjective world is as important as that of Saturn’s influence and there is a wide difference between the effects of their vibrations.

Saturn contracts and microscopically it acts as a hard ruler. Jupiter expands and has no limit to its expansion. Mind and the feelings are condensed and focused when we are talking about Saturn, and expanded, broadened and extended when we are talking about Jupiter. In these two extremes we have all the elements of the pleasure and pain and love and sorrow, increase and decrease bondage of freedom and expansion and contraction.

Our whole present and moral social age is directly under the influence of Jupiter. The success is promised by the Jupiter and may be traced to the best side of the character, wherein hope and power to expand and enlarge are prominent. Saturn is the planet which gives financial gain and prosperity and power to expand, perseverance and industry, but Jupiter when concerned with financial success brings gain through the social life and collective optimism. Saturn helps one to build string fundamentals of life in the market place and Jupiter causes unchecked expansion and enlargement of the market. Saturn regulates and controls the way of life.

We all need Saturn’s discipline and as well as Jupiter’s expansion and optimism in life for both micro and macro stability and happiness. We have to check ourselves, is it going to be a happy phase or is it going to be a darker phase.

If you’re going through the sade-sati of Saturn, then it is really a phase to be remembered. The benefits and rewards are as per your karma, so you have to handle it with patience. Try to cultivate patience. Consult an expert for remedies related to sade-sati.



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