Saturn In Mula Nakshatra

Saturn In Mula Nakshatra

Role of Saturn In  Mula Nakshatra !Rahul – Saturn what do you have, you are in Mula Nakshatra?

Saturn – I don’t have anything special but I will give what you’ll do in life.

Rahul – This is not fair. I am unable to remember my past lives, and I am sorry that I may have also done lot of mistakes. Can you forgive me?

Saturn – Sorry, I don’t forgive.

Rahul – So, what do you want?

Saturn – Get rid of all your karmas.

Rahul – Oh! How can I handle you?

Saturn – You will accept when I will do good things for you. The past karma will come back in your life. Don’t discriminate and how is it fair that I am blamed.

Rahul – Oh! What to accept in Mula?

Saturn – Just go with the flow. Don’t accept anything. Accept the situations as it is. Accept the situations that I created for you. Serve those who are less fortunate and you will realize that there is nothing to fear.

Saturn is the plane of judgement. The bad and good deed of our life is certainly judged by Saturn – the planet of justice. Karma never sits alone and wait for the right time to act.

How Saturn  imapcts your life? What is the role of Saturn in your Horoscope?

Important Role of Saturn In Mula Nakshatra

Mula nakshata  belongs to Saturn. Therefore it gives its best imapct passing by his Nakshatra. A person born in Mula Nakkshatra is soft and gentle, always worried to perform good deeds in life. According to astrology, Aquarius and Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. The lucky gemstone for propelling good effects of Saturn is Blue Sapphire. 



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