Saturn – The King Maker

Saturn – The King Maker

Saturn – The King Maker. Saturn, if well-fortified in any birth chart makes the native an Emperor, the king or the Head of the country. Strong and well placed Yoga forming Saturn makes one Prime Minister. Number of industrialist also has powerful Saturn in the 10th house. Saturn’s prominent position in the horoscope with regard to the 10th house can bestow unaccountable success and prosperity to the native with regard to the aspect of his occupation. On the contrary, adversely disposed Saturn brings miseries, loss of power and fall from high position. Saturn-The King Maker.

Preliminary Essentials and Significance of Saturn

Saturn is the owner of the malevolent and feminine sign Aquarius, and of the benevolent and masculine sign Capricorn. Being an earthy planet, Saturn yields good results in earthy signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. But Aquarius is an airy sign, thereby it is observed that Saturn has ambivalent nature. The Sun is inimical to Saturn but Saturn shares neutral relationship with the Moon, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter, and Saturn is friendly to Venus. His friends are Venus and Mercury; enemies are the Sun, the Moon and Mars; and the neutral is Jupiter. Aquarius is strong by day while Capricorn is strong by night.

In the human body, Saturn governs the spleen, upper stomach, endocardium, upper stomach, and diseases exposure such as rheumatism, bronchitis and asthma.

Saturn is the planet of limitation and yet is the most philosophical planet. It gives endurance, economy, thrift, industry, power of retaining, precaution and like. A developed individual finds Saturn contributing to truth, concentration, sincerity, prudence and asceticism.

According to Jataka Paarijata Saturn is strong in Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius, in the 7th house, in its passage to the South of the equator, in his own detonate, on Saturday, towards the end of a sign, in the dark half of the month, and in any sign when it is retrograde. When Saturn becomes benefic it gives aspiring nature, carefulness in speech, patience, seriousness, responsibility and thrift. As a malefic it gives depression, dogmatic nature, dullness, fear, grasping, meanness, severity and inartistic nature. Saturn determines longevity, cause of death, livelihood and adversity. Saturn – The King Maker

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Saturn also refers to the stubborn, nature of the native, despondency, imprisonment, bondage, evil purposes, oils, seeds, hair, teeth and sinners.

The keywords that complete Saturn are limitation and coldness. The urge towards limitation makes one self-controlled and cautious, and the native may be chilled physically or emotionally, even if there is a strong effort to overcome difficulties.



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