Saturn transit 2020

Saturn Transit 2020

Saturn Transit 2020 ! Favourable or Unfavourable For You?

Saturn Transit 2020 is the greatest event which is going to happen on 24th of Jan 2020. In astrology Saturn is well known as chaya grah. Saturn has always got a strained relationship with his father due to its typical and serious nature. Consult  expert astrologer Parshant kapoor  : Know more about Saturn transit 2020 in detail & its effect on your life.

Saturn and Its Behavior

He is a harsh teacher and it observes the deeds of the people and rewards them  accordingly. It is mostly during the dasha or the transit of period. The planet affects a person a lot and any transition also impacts the life of a person to the greatest extent.

Amongst the astrological planets, some planets are fast moving while some planets are slow moving. Planet Saturn is the slow-moving category planet.

As per its usual transit pace, Saturn is changing its sign on 24 January 2020 and moving from Sagittarius to Capricorn and will remain there for two and a  half years.

Saturn Transit 2020 – Overview

Planet Saturn rules two signs Capricorn and Aquarius.

Those who are Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius would experience a tough time because they are going through the phases of sade sati of Saturn.

Those who are born with Capricorn moon will get the worst result as they will be facing the second phase of sade sati. Moon sign Aries, Taurus, Gemini, cancer, Virgo and Libra will have less effect compared to Capricorn.

Moon sign born Leo, Scorpio and Pisces will have auspicious results of this Saturn transit.

 Impact on Aries Sign

 This transit of Saturn will take place in your 10th house. There will be positive result from March 2020 onwards. You have to work harder to get your position in the workplace. There are chances that you will be assigned more duties and responsibilities. Fortune will be in your favor and you will also be able to achieve the same. At the home front, you have to make extra effort to maintain the harmony with your family members.  There are chances of high expenditures and those who are involved in the oil, medical or mining will also get more benefits. There may be chance to visit abroad during the mid of the year 2020.

Tip: Keep performing the remedies for Saturn.

Impact on Taurus Sign

For those who are born with Taurus as the moon sign have to take care in their home front and marital problems. Try to keep home atmosphere the best and do not let any misunderstanding creep in relationship because of the interference of the third party. This is an accident prone phase, so keep a good care of yourself. From April 2020, the situation will improve but at the workplace, you may have to face hard times. Financially, there will be a rise in the income and expenditure and it would be during the phase of September and October 2020. The health of the spouse may be at risk, so it is a matter of great concern.

Tip: Worship Lord Hanuman.

Impact on Gemini Sign

The transit of Saturn is going to happen in eighth house. So, it is likely to face marital issues from Feb 2020 to April 2020. There could be some serious misunderstanding and it may cause distress between the couples. Health of the spouse may suffer during April 2020. There are high chances of problem or delay in progeny during this time. The Saturn Transit as the lord of Karma, can create problems with partners in business or if in job seniors may not be happy with your performance.

This transit of Saturn is the DHAIYYA of Shani for Gemini.

Impact on Cancer Sign

Saturn will be transiting in your seventh house from the start of the year 2020. There could be marital issues between the month of April and June. During this time you should take care of your spouse health. Try to avoid. Those who are unmarried may get the partner of their choice. Change of residency due to job is likely to take place. But try to take decision with your proper understanding because you may get into hindrance if there are  any loopholes in the marriage partner.

Impact on Leo Sign

Saturn will be transiting into your sixth house from 2020 onwards. This is going to be a good phase for you and is likely to give you a positive result. In this transit nobody can tarnish your image or hurt you. But there will be people who will try to tarnish your name and fame. The planning and confidence with which you will deal with will help you to rise like a new born. This transit of Saturn is favorable for students appearing in competitive examinations. People those who are preparing for the same will get the good result.  You will get immense support from your family members. Fortunately, this transit is good for lovers. October 2020 to December 2020 is a very crucial time for you.

Impact on Virgo Sign

 Saturn will be transiting into your fifth house. This is not going to be a very favorable transit for you. You will have to fight unexpected challenges or battles. Those who are planning to have baby should take extra care regarding this. Lovers might not have very good time. But those who are married will get good support from the spouse.  Try to stay away from speculation, gambling or stocks as loss is indicated in this regard.

Impact on Libra Sign

 For Libra moon sign the transit will impact the fourth house. There could be some lack of confidence and mental stress may keep you in worries. Such stress may affect your family life adversely. It can result in frequent fights because of your impatience and frustration. And professional front promotion may get delayed or denied. There can be some financial constraints also. Try to monitor your health properly.  The DHAIYYA of Saturn will start.

Impact on Scorpio Sign

 Saturn transit for people born with Scorpio as the moon sign will prove to be favorable. The planet will be transiting to your third house and will bring good result for you. You will also feel content with your family life. In this transit of Saturn, you will get the fruits of your hard work at your professional front.

Financial position will be satisfactory. You may plan investment as it is a good time to invest. Businessmen will get the opportunity to expand their business. Travelling is in  your chart.

Impact on Sagittarius Sign

Planet Saturn will be transiting in the second house for people born in the Sagittarius sign. This is not a favorable transition for this moon sign. The native will have little interest in world affairs. There are chances that the health of your mother may be at low. This is the last phase of sade sati for Sagittarius people. The month of April may be challenging regarding money matters and take care of your health after mid of the year.

Impact on Capricorn Sign

Transit of Saturn in Capricorn from 24th of January 2020 is not favorable for those who are born with Capricorn moon signs. There may be delays, obstacles, troubles and challenges in all your efforts. There may be some marital life problems. Try to be more sympathetic towards your relationships. The second half of the year will give you relief. You will not feel happy at the workplace. There may be some unwanted transfers.

Impact on Aquarius Sign

Saturn’s transit will bring change in your personality and bless you with good results. This will give the fruit of your hard work.  There may be some hurdles in your professional and personal life. For individuals born in the rising of Aquarius (Lagan), Saturn will transit in the 12th house of your birth chart affecting areas such as expenses, savings, wealth accumulation and travel. Enemies may try to tarnish your image and pull you down. Think twice before you speak. Sade sati  of moon sign will start.

Impact on Pisces Sign

Transit of Saturn in Capricorn from 24 January 2020 will be beneficial for people born with Pisces as their moon sign. This is going to be auspicious and positive for these people. Relationship with spouse will be good and cordial. There may be some professional problems during this year but you will overcome it with grace. On the financial front you will be happy and invest in various assets. Overall health will be okay, but in May and June, there may be some sleep disorders. Try yoga and meditation.



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