Saturn Transit through Libra for all Moon Sign

Saturn Transit through Libra for all Moon Sign

Saturn the planet of justice is passing through the Libra for all Moon signs. Saturn is the slowest moving planet in the solar system. Though this planetary move may be considered a particular bearing on each sun sign, except during the two retrograde periods of this phase, the transit may exert its effect on individual level. There are chances that it may enforce you to change your perspective towards life. .

It is essential that you work on your personal and professional goals and try to keep congenial terms with not only your life partner but also with your business partners and colleagues. In any mater of legal issue try to be very careful as there can be some hurdles in your life.

Try to keep a good record of your health. There can be hectic schedule in the work front. This can be frustrating for you. There can be new opportunity waiting for you, but it is advised to think twice before going for any new change.

The Saturn transit in Gemini would be great for the students. Those who are pursuing the academic goals may see the brighter side of the scenario. There will be increase in the concentration and the grasping power of the students and professionals. Those who are in love affairs, the time is not suitable for them. Try to maintain harmony in your relationship.

There will be greater influence on the organization and the discipline. You will implement this in your family and the home atmosphere. Those who are near the completion of the academic course may need to be extra careful during this time as there can be some hurdles in their path.

This transit can adversely affect your expression, creativity and the communication in your personal and the professional front. Your relationship with your sibling may get hampered. At work, your rapport with your colleagues and subordinates may suffer.

It calls for a little shift on your financial matters. This is a good time to enjoy the financial freedom and also a favorable period for the saving money. There can be some family issues and it needs proper attention. Try to refrain from the negative thinking and practice.

This is the period of focal adjustment and your work and responsibilities may increase for a while. In the family front, you may have to create a proper balance between the people having different point of view of life. You’ll be playing a very pivotal role in your professional area.

There can be some increased expenses despite your entire financial budget. This expense may be related to the family member or your own medication and health. Your saving may be drowned very easily so its better if you take proper care of your investment.

You are a little gregarious person. There is an indication of busy schedule and hectic social life. The transit may put you into thinking mode that will compel you to reconsider your moves and time-spending patterns. You may realize that only a friend in need is a friend indeed.

There is a period to reorganize and re-adjust your work and the plan of your work properly. You’ll want to be more re-organized and sorted in your routine activity. This is a good time to work towards the achievement of some goals which are lying on the higher plain. There is an indication of spiritual progress in your life.

In the early, you may feel that luck is not supporting you. Try to pay more attention on the minute details of the work and remember that small things matter a lot.

It is a well known saying that health is wealth. This will be most important lesson that Saturn transit will bring. You have to very careful regarding your health and its better if you practice exercise and pranayam.

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