Saturn In The Twelve Signs

Saturn In The Twelve Signs

Saturn In the twelve Signs
Saturn is the planet of justice and truth. It brings hardships and cultivates patience in a person. Saturn rules Aquarius and Capricorn signs. The color of this planet is black. It rules the limb and lower feet and toe of the body. It is present in dark places. How the presence of Saturn in all the twelve signs makes an impact on a person.

Saturn in Aries
It gives a ruddy complexion, a spare and a full-faced, dark hair and not much beard. It makes a person quarrelsome.

Saturn in Taurus
Gives a person in no wise comely. Lumpish look, awkward appearance, middle stature, not well made.

Saturn in Gemini
Represents a person of rather tall stature, sanguine, oval visage, dark brown or black hair and generally unfortunate.

Saturn in Leo
It gives a person of moderate large stature, broad, round shoulders and a wide chest. Qualities tolerably good, generous but passionate.

Saturn in Virgo
Represents a person of tall, spare body, swarthy, dark or black hair. Generally unfortunate and inclined to melancholy and retained anger.

Saturn in Libra
Describes a person above the middle stature, comely brown hair, oval face, large nose and forehead. They are given to debate and controversy and seldom leave any wealth at their death.

Saturn in Scorpio
Represents a person of mean stature, squat, thick and trussed body. A balck or dark hair, which is usually short and thick. Quarrelsome, mischievous; one who undertake violent.

Saturn in Sagittarius
Gives a large body, brown hair, good make, and a tolerable complexion. Moderately frugal, rarely profuse, but somewhat choleric.

Saturn in Capricorn
Personates a lean, raw-boned, dark or black hair, middle stature, dark complexion and small seering eyes. One who is peevish, discontented, melancholy and is of great gravity.

Saturn in Aquarius
Gives a reasonable full-bodied person, a large head and a face, rather inclined to corpulency. Affable, courteous disposition, of an excellent personality.

Saturn in Pisces
Describes a pale complexion, sad or dark black hair, a large head and full eye. A person not vry comely. Active top do mischief, melcious and given to contention and dissimulation

These are just a generalized analysis of the presence of Saturn in various sign. The detailed analysis is only possible by a proper detailed consultation from a vedic astrologer because it is very essential to see the various combinations of planet in the horoscope and an ascendant at the time of birth. It should be marked that astrology is not just a simple generalized analysis that can give a concrete analysis of life events. The complete analysis and study of various permutations and combinations of planet is essential for proper astrological analysis.

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