Scepter Quartz Benefits

Scepter Quartz Benefits

Scepter Quartz is a large crystal and central rod around one end of which has another crystal is formed. Scepter Quartz is also found in a smaller form in which the quartz rod has distinctive ridge and wider top. This quartz is very useful in healing the respiratory organs, digestive system and nervous system. It is widely used by the crystal healer to remove depressive tendencies and bring sound sleep.

Larger Scepter Quartz is a very special stone and used as a meditation tool. It links the wisdom of the ages and facilitates channelling high vibrations. It generates an amplifying energy and is an excellent healing tool. It helps to direct the healing to the core of a problem or to the centre of the subtle bodies. It is particularly useful where energy has to be transmitted in a specific direction.

The significance of Scepter Quartz
Legend says that these stones were used as a symbol of spiritual authority in Atlantis and Lemuria and they have reemerged to bring crystal power to the present day. A natural lingam can be used for curing the fertility problems and balances the male and the female energies. Reversed Quartz transmits the healing energy and cleanses it. They free the mind from illusions and bring it to a point of stillness.
Other crystals may be found as scepters but the long and delicate natural Selenite wands are a natural powerful tool that resonates at high vibrations and frequency, imparts deep wisdom and ancient knowledge. A Selenite scepter quartz can be used to cut out the disease or the damaged part of the physical body and the negative impact on the body. It helps to heal the effect of the black magic and activates and aligns the chakras, right inclined treating the chakras from the back and left-inclined from the front of the body.

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