The Science Behind Wearing Gemstone

The Science Behind Wearing Gemstone

Gemstones are adorable. Since ancient time people are wearing gemstone. Dr. Stephen Hawking has researched that future medical treatment may depend on light and color. Our country is the land of gemstones. There are several gems which we get from the mines of India. Gem therapy is very famous in our country and it has achieved a benchmark in history.

We’re living in an era where life is full of stress. To relieve stress and worries, people turn over to medical science, ayurvedic science, allopathic medicine and homeopathic medicine too.

Gemstone Therapy is one of the most ancient and natural science which is followed in India since last several millions of years ago, but it was lost during the transition phase. However, it has now taken place due to people awareness and increased exposure.

Gemstone therapy if recommended by an expert can help one to get the complete advantage of the gemstones and it can also control the problems.

The gem therapy works on color therapy such as red, green, yellow, blue, violet, indigo and orange. These have different wavelength and they act as per according to the wavelength. The significance of color energy in human body is as such:

Yellow Color – Sunlight is made of seven colors which are red, yellow, green, violet, indigo and orange. Yellow color stands for ambition and wisdom and helps in the improvement of the skin problems, digestion and anxiety. It also helps in the stimulation of brain, liver, kidney and memory.

Green Color – This color represents freshness and swiftness. It is a color of nature and provides happiness and peace.

Blue Color – It represents spiritual aspects of life and has great healing power that helps in controlling brain activity. It helps in stimulating the immune system and guards the body against poison, evil eye as well as minimizes the pain of the body.

Orange Color – It symbolizes new energy and helps in the time of depression, loneliness and boredom.

Violet Color – It helps in removing depression and helps in achieving affection and encouragement.

Indigo – It stands for unity, honesty and gentleness. It is useful to calm nerves and lymphatic organs of the body. This color is very useful for removing disorders such as migraine, cataract and stomach problems. It also helps in soothing the nervous system.

White Color –This is a mixture of various colors and it signifies peace and soft nature. It is useful for a person who is suffering from stress.

The application of gemstones is scientific that helps in assisting the people in controlling their problems and diseases with no side effects. From this concept, we can understand that gemstones are capable of curing diseases such as Migraine, Asthma, Heart, Tumors, Body pains and Kidney related problems.

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