secret meaning of jasper stone

Secret Meaning About Jasper Stone

Secret Meaning About Jasper Stone
The Jasper is a stone of variety Chalcedony and it is an opaque stone usually brown in color. It is also available in grey, blue, purple and green in color. The name Jasper is derived from the Latin word ‘iaspidem’, or the Old French ‘jaspre’. The name Jasper means spotted or speckled stone. This is because it is sometimes mineral ash.

Jasper is found all over the world, but it mostly comes from India and Australia.

Why Would You Use Jasper Stone?
Nurturing stone is the other name of Jasper. It has all the qualities of life that give an appearance of the best friend. It helps in bringing peacefulness, happiness, and completeness. It also boosts the self-confidence and gets rid of irrational fears.

The Jasper stone gives gentleness, comfort, and relaxation. It is very beneficial for the people who are stress out and wants some relief from the personal work. If you keep Jasper, it will help to achieve a healthy and balanced way of life.

How Will Jasper Stone Help You?
In the physical realm, it can help to heal the body. For the beginner’s, it is considered as a highly restorative stone and helps in healing of deteriorating tissues of the internal organs of the body. This is a useful stone for healing liver, stomach, spleen, and kidneys. The Jasper stone can also help in regulating the fluid of the kidney and balances the mineral content of the same.

Spiritual and Psychic Properties
On physical realm, Jasper helps to assists with astral travel and brings a gentle but unassailable protection to the traveler and the silver cord. It is a wonderful protection stone in general and can be used in protection against magic, in talisman and other places if one wants a strong protection. In some cultures, it is used for rainmaking as with Native American Jasper.

Jasper is also famous for enhancing beauty for life and bring striking similar beauty as well as external beauty. This is gaining as a ‘makeup’ stone for the girls and women’s. It also helps to bring external as well as internal beauty.

Jasper is famous for balancing the Yin and Yan energy of the body and helpful in many areas for bringing peace and ease.

Jasper for Luck and Wealth
The Jasper stone is a carrier of motivation and determination. No matter, what may be the situation, it always helps to boost the extra energy and especially when one is starting to feel the tiredness creeping in.

Jasper, Love, and Relationships
Keeping Jasper stone helps one in achieving a balanced relationship filled with love, happiness, and support. We know that there is no such perfect relationship in the world but we can at least maintain our present relationship. Sometimes when you are stressed out, you carry it to your partner and this creates a negative relationship front between the two.

Jasper stone is very fruitful in keeping a feeling of calmness and also helps one to ground and keep a lid on their emotions so that they don’t end up their emotions on a negative note.

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