Shatbhisha Nakshatra Remedies

Shatabhisha Nakshatra Remedies

Satbhisha Nakshatra Remedies
A group of faint stars, enclosing the sign of Aquarius, form the nakshatra Shatabhisha. Shatabhisha is known as “100 physicians” and it is associated with the medicine and healing abilities. People born under this star are independent and intrigued with puzzles. The symbol of Satbhisha is an empty circle, which indicates an empty circle. Satabhisha is a secretive star that keeps the focus on the hidden powers of life. Overall, Satabhisha bestows a truthful, perceptive and ambitious nature.

General Characteristics: Independent, truthful speech; grief-stricken, but conquers enemies; thoughtlessly engage in work.
Translation: “Hundred Physicians”, “Possessing a Hundred Healers”
Symbol: An oxcart
Animal Symbol: A Female Horse
Presiding Deity: Lord Varuna, the God of rain and cosmic waters.
Controlling Planet: Rahu
Ruling Deity of Rahu: Durga
Nature: Rakshasa (demonic)
Common Name: Kadambha

Strength: They are independent, original, truthful; sharp mind; economical; clever; able to defend; likes to solve the puzzle; provides good service; finds happiness within themselves; skilled in writing; sharp memory; daring; bold and artistic nature.

Weakness: Loneliness; hides true intentions; problematic; reserved; secretive; keeps weaknesses to themselves; stubborn; a miser; unstable; argumentative; mentally anguished.

Professions: Physicians; healers; working with herbs; electricians; writers; plastics and petroleum; film and television; space engineers; drug and pharma; automobile industry; pilots; and researchers.

Famous Shatabhishas: Paul Newman, Robin Williams, Elvis Presley, J. Edgar Hoover.

Favorable Activities: Signing business deals and contracts; land business; technological activities; therapies; visiting the ocean; astronomy and astrology; meditation; recreational activities.

Unfavorable Activities: Childbirth; marriage; fertility treatments; domestic activities; buying clothes; too much socializing; financial matters.

People born under the Shatabhisha star should worship Lord Shiva, named Sri Agnesswarar, with sesame (gingili) oil and sandal paste on Shatabhisha star day, especially if it falls on Saturday. Worshipping at this temple also provides assistance to overcome problems caused by the influence of Saturn.

It is favorable to light sesame (gingili) oil lamps and offers food made of rice and milk. It is also beneficial to partake in charity work or philanthropy. Those people born under different stars may also perform abhishekham and Archana and ask for the Grace of Lord Shiva.



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