Significance of water in fasting

Significance of Water In Fasting

Apsu Me Somo Abravid Antar Vishwani Bheshajaa

Agni cha Vishwashambhuvam||6||

There is a saying that water has all the medicinal herbs that are needed for healing the world. In the water element, there is the fire element that is needed for the welfare and happiness of the world. A human body is made of 70 percent of water and it forms the vital element for a proper functioning of our body and its organs.

Fasting is considered the holy way to sync with the divine. There are various ways of doing it, some do it for spiritual reasons and some do it for health reasons. Intermittent fasting is also observed and is a modern name given to a lifestyle where we take in the energy or prana within a period ranging from 2 hours and 8 hours and let your body sustain.

Typically, we fast when they asleep. This is the reason we break our fast with our “breakfast” in the morning. But the long period of fast lasts as much as we sleep mostly ranging anywhere between 8-12 hours. But this is not enough for our body to go through a process that is cleansing. Intermittent fasting or fasting for certain period ranges between 16 hours to 20 hours and feasting for only 8 or 4 hours and in this case, we free up the body from the time needed to digest food, so it can be focused on repairing itself.

Experience says that people who have done intermittently fast get advantages in the improvement of health, hormonal balance, improvement in gut health and decrease in the blood pressure. It is also good for weight loss. This weight loss is special because this is not the loss of muscle which is usually done when we diet, rather this is the pure fat loss. Our body needs 5-6 hours to digest the meal. If we keep eating the body does not have the time to get into the mode of Autophagy.
But in intermittent fasting body is left to heal itself by providing it a break from digestion, so it takes a dip into the fat store and converts these cells into energy to sustain the body for energy while fasting. This is called as “ketosis” stage.

Who would be the best fit for this type of fasting?
People who have vata, pitta and kuffa imbalance can go for such type of fasting. Those people who have Moon, Venus and Jupiter as the prominent planet in the birth chart and present in the watery signs, those who have tendency to put on weight, and those who have kapha dosha should maintain a time of consumption of food between 10Am and 6PM as it would be beneficial for maintaining good health. Ensure to hydrate your body properly all throughout that will help to ensure your weight loss. Drink lukewarm water throughout the day.

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