snake in dream meaning

Snake In Dream Meaning

It is very usual to see snakes in dreams. Seeing snakes in dreams mean different things to different people. We can encounter lot of information regarding the snake in dream but it along with the dream, the color of the snake and the specific type of snake also matters. What the snake is doing in dream also matters? Ultimately, the interpretation of a snake dream depends on what you feel about snakes and how you are impacted upon by the dream of snake.

Interpretation of Snake dream by Sigmund Freud
Sigmund Freud viewed snakes as the symbol of phallus (male sex organ). He has interpreted that snake in dream presented the male figure that you love or feel afraid. This also depends on the impact of the dream on you. Snakes shed their skin and this indicates a transformation.

Snake bite
Dreaming of snake biting in dream is an indication that someone is waiting to hurt or abuse you. Try to be careful for such incident. If you see yourself running in a dream and being chased by snake, then it indicates that you are afraid of something in life and feel unwilling to accept or acknowledge something.

How to view snake approaching near you
If you spot a snake in dream, is an indication of feeling a threat to your life. It also means that you are finding it difficult to accept something in life. You should take extra care to focus on your emotional well-being.

Snakes – A spirutual Symbol
According to Hindu tradition, snakes represent the Kundlini Shakti. A snake in dream can mean that effort of uplifting the spiritual sadhana tend to cause the rising of Kundlini Shakti towards the Mooldhara Chakra.

Snakes – Symbol of Temptation
Snakes also represent the temptation that you’re going in your life. It denotes the recollecting the experience of the first man and woman of creation in the Garden of Eden.

Untrustworthy persons
Snakes are shiny and sleek. Therefore snake in dream suggests someone who is not trustworthy in life and who is not of goodwill.

What the color of snakes in your dream suggest
Color of the snake also denotes some meaning in dream. When you see a red spotted snake in dream, it means that you should slow down doing what you are into your real life. A green snake in dream say that you’re going on the right track to success and you can continue it. Black color snake denotes that some mischief or bad omen is following you in life and you should be very careful about your social circle. Spotting a brown snake interprets that you will get some favors in your professional life and you’ll do well and achieve growth.

This is just a generalized interpretation about the snake dream. Sometimes dream may not show any result. We encounter various things while we are sleep, so it also impacts our sleep and our subconscious mind sees what we have beneath our mind.

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