What is Special Purpose Yagya

What is Special Purpose Yagyas

What is Special Purpose Yagyas
Special Purpose Yagyas are designed by special Acharyas of Astrokapoor group under the ingenious guidance of Astrologer Prashant Kapoor to counteract the specific problems of the person performing this Yagya. These Yagya are also popularly known as Rama Ban (Arrow of Lord Rama also meaning sure shot) and are performed especially to counteract ill effects of planets by Planetary Yagya along with the Divine Yagya. Special purpsoe yagyas are very popular yagya. It helps one to get a solution to a specific problem.

Special Purpsoe Yagyas are very special as it name implies. It helps to get rid of an unknown fear, helps to win over the enemies, help to gain confidence, give strength to recover from the illness, give power and strength to get rid of unknown fear. The special purpose yagyas are especially conducted for a specific problem. This Yagya or Yajna is especially designed for specific problem. It can be either for getting goof marks in the examination, for finding good suitable life partner, to get through any competitive examination or any any other specific trouble.

We at AstroKapoor.com have chosen specific Mantras and Scriptures from Vedas to plan them with other Yagya procedures in a very effective manner so that our clients are fully satisfied. We have designed the following Special Purpose Yagyas, which is based on the most common and specific problems faced by our clients. In case of extreme specific requirement, which you will not find in this list, our team performs a specific scheme of Yagya for the same.

Rudrabhishek Yagya



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