Special Tips For Buying Colored Gemstones

Special Tips For Buying Colored Gemstones

Special Tips to Remember When Buying a Colored Stone

There are some special tips, which can be used while buying a gemstone. It can help to select the best and the most appropriate gemstone.

When looking at an unmounted stone, view them through the side as well as from the top. Also turn them upside down on a flat, white surface so they are resting on the table facet and you can look straight down through the stone from the back.

Colour is the most important consideration. If colour is fine, flaws or inclusions then don’t detract from the stone’s value as significantly as with diamonds. Flawless stone may bring a disproportionately higher price per carat because of their rarity.

Check the colour of the stone in different types of light. Check the stone in the sunlight, the spot light, a lamp light before taking any decision. Be sure that the stone is pleasing colour.

Give special attention to the wearability of the stone. If you are buying a fragile stone, then think about how the piece will be worn, where and when. Also, pay attention to the setting and whether the stone is mounted properly or not.

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