Staurolite meaning

Staurolite Meaning and Benefits

Staurolite Meaning
Staurolite is also known as Fairy Cross. It known as the gemstone formed of tears of the fairies shed when they heard the news of the Christ’s death. Traditionally Staurolite is a protective stone for the talisman and is also known to attract good luck.

Staurolite Gemological Properties
It is found in brown to yellow brown in color. Sometimes it is also found in reddish-brown color. The surface of this gemstone resembles chiastolite and may be crystallize as a cruciform or exhibit a cross. It is available in specialists shop and can be sourced from United States, Russia and Middle East.

Staurolite Benefits
Actually, this semi precious gemstone enhances and strengthens the rituals and is used in white magic ceremonies. It helps to access the ancient wisdom of the Middle East and connects the physical etheric and spiritual planes of the body.

Healing Properties
Staurolite is exceptionally very beneficial for removing the stress and it removes depression and addiction from the life of a person. It negates the tendency of too much work and helps to over commit energy. It is an excellent stone for those who wish to stop smoking addiction and helps to mitigate and heal its effects. It assists in understanding the hidden reason behind the addiction to nicotine and provides a grounding energy for airy people.

Staurolite Properties
It is a highly creative stone, opens the intuition and carries a loving and the supporting vibration. It is very helpful in healing the metaphysical properties of the body, grounds the spiritual energy, and helps to manifest the intuitive thought. It aids in spiritual energy and gives guidance and direction throughout the journey, no matter where the destination may lie.

Staurolite Price
The price of the gemstone depends on its quality. There are many gemstones seller who sells fake gemstone in place of natural precious and semi precious gemstone. If you’re buying gemstone Online in India, USA and UK, then be ensure to take a certificate of authenticity from the seller from a reputed lab such as IGI or GIA.

Why You Would Use It
These are strong stones and aid in spiritual grounding. It helps to make a strong connection natural being in the natural world, such as devic realm, the world of the fairies with the spirits of animals and plants. The history of these stones give us information to make connection with the fairies and nature spirits and this has become a well known through time. This is because they are very successful in healing the past lives worries and acts as an amulet for good luck.

The pendants and bracelet made of Staurolite helps to make a protective covering of aura around the body and heals the crown and the base chakra of the body. If the small beads are placed under the pillow it helps to induce good sleep. It is a useful stone for meditation and can be used in the place of worship. It aids positivity in life and heals depression.

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