Sulphur Healing Properties

Sulphur Healing Properties

Sulphur is a yellow, powdery and found in small translucent crystals on matrix. It can be obtained from specialists shop and mainly sourced from Italy, Greece, South America and Volcanic regions. Sulphur has a negative electrical energy charge and is extremely useful for absorbing negative energies, and emotions. It absorbs negativity of any kind and removes barriers to progress.

Volcanically produced, this is an excellent stone for anything that erupts: feelings, violence, skin conditions, and fevers. It can also be useful for bringing latent psychic abilities to the surface. Psychologically, Sulphur ameliorates willfulness and aids in identifying negative traits within the personality. It helps one to reach the rebellious, stubborn part of a personality that willfully disobeys instructions and tends one to automatically do the opposite of whatever is suggested especially when this is “for your own good”. Sulphur helps to soften this position and assists in the recognition of the effect, opening the way to conscious change.

Mentally, Sulphur blocks repetitive and distracting thought patterns and inspires one to get the best imaginative power, it aids reasoning and grounds thought processes. Sulphur is toxic and should not be taken internally. Physically, Sulphur is helpful in reenergizing after exhaustion or serious illness and can enhance creativity.

Place or hold as appropriate in the crystalline form and avoid the powdery form as it can become messy. It is traditional that sulphur that has been placed over growths be buried afterwards. If not, thoroughly cleanse before reusing.

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