Sun In 12 Houses In the Birth Chart -

Sun In 12 Houses In the Birth Chart

Impact of Sun in 12 houses in the Birth chart! How much energy posses in each house? Let’s analyse. Sun, the planet of energy and brightness stands alone. It is a planet which gives shine to the world. What about the Sun in the entire 12 house in our horoscope? We know very well that Sun is the lord and a planet of creativity. You may get confused as we know that planet of creativity is only Venus, but it is not so Sun is one of the most brilliant planets of creativity. It makes a person highly creative. So what does Sun means in all the 12 houses? Let’s look a brief description.

Sun is also associated with father. Consequently, it gives a nature of fatherly figure. Father in your house represents Sun. Therefore, if your Sun is weak, try to serve your father with love and respect.

Sun or Surya is also called as Pratyaksha Devta – the one visible God which comes every day without any laziness and diminishing attitude. Yet we barely recognize the miracle which we are getting from Sun, same as we get from our father.

Why Sun is the King?

Impact of Sun in 12 houses in the birth chart is awesome. Sun is the first planet in a horoscope and king of zodiac and it cannot be denied that the quality of life of an individual is determined first and foremost by Sun. Sun is our shining area in our horoscope. After all, we know that a king who has power is capable of building a powerful nation. An exalted Sun in a horoscope gives an extraordinary success.

Although the Sun is also known as atmakaraka of self and it controls the domains of self and ego, soul purpose, confidence, a person with strong Sun in the horoscope moves from a place of conviction with confidence. We can’t deny the fact that impact of Sun in 12 houses in the Birth Chart is awesome

Similarly, if a person has weak and afflicted Sun, the immediate issues which may arise are those associated with lack of self-esteem and badly-placed expression because an afflicted Sun is weak.  Ruby gemstone is best to get the good benefit of Sun.

Bhava 1

First house relates to one’s identity. It denotes “I. Physical appearance and self-confidence. In this house, Sun gives immense shining but also inflated ego. It influences power, ego and self-expression.

Bhava 2

The 2nd house denotes earning, house of wealth, speech, communication and income. In this house, Sun helps in creating big wealth, exemplary oratory skill and making one an excellent speaker.

Bhava 3

The 3rd house is connected to writing, media, communication, travel etc. In this house, Sun can make one author, media professional and travel expert.

Bhava 4

The 4th house denotes property, vehicles assets and material pleasures. Sun in this house gives ownership to properties and gain from agricultural land.



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Sun in 12 Houses – Its Impact is Awesome

Bhava 5

The 5th house denotes progeny, higher education, love and innate sense. Sun in this house boosts creativity and makes one successful artist and musician.

Bhava 6

The 6th house denotes diseases, debts, and enemies. Although Sun is a functional malefic, it gives great result in the 6th house. The people have the capacities to get through the difficult situations and are more capable to make opportunities for himself.

Bhava 7

The 7th house is of partnership and marriage probably, because of,  this is the West position and we know that sun sets in the west; therefore this is a difficult position for the Sun. In this house it can give ego issues and conflict in relationships.

Bhava 8

The 8th house is the house of death and transformations because in this house Sun can give inheritance, success in occult sciences and good career. The person, however, may lack self-confidence and may possess interpersonal issues.

Bhava 9

The 9th house denotes dharma, religion and travel. Sun in this house makes one have a deep interest in knowledge, spiritualism and divine. There may be gains through long distance and travels.

Bhava 10

The 10th house denotes work and profession. Sun in this house makes on proficient in professional life, leadership qualities and a great performer. It also gives a successful political career.

Bhava 11

The 11th house denotes gains and extended family. Sun in this house gifts one with popularity and makes one an influential figure.

Bhava 12

The 12th house is all about the worries, anxiety and incarceration. It denotes asylum or hospital. There can be losses and fear and a lot of mental activity that can exhaust a person.

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