Sun in your second house-its impact

Sun In Your Second House – Its Impact

Sun is the first and also the most important planet in the solar system and even in the astrological science. In Vedic astrology it represents glory, honor and pride. It is ruled by the Ruby gemstone. A person who has well placed Sun in the horoscope attains good growth and prosperity both in the personal and the professional field.

The presence of Sun in the second house makes one generous in nature, an authoritative person, and an ability to make finance in a huge amount. You will lead a prestigious life and will be respected everywhere. You will always be independent and will never depend on other for livelihood. You will be good at doing variety of things means versatile of things. Although you’ll have a huge amount of finance, you’ll spend the most part of it in the costly affairs. You’ll receive help from the people in authority and power. You’ll be always eager to earn lot of wealth and you’ll wish to spend lavishly to determine how successful you are. You can analyse the position of Sun by Vedic Astrology Consultation

Your life course
Sun is a beneficial planet if posited in the benefic house in the horoscope. If it has ill influence or any unfavorable planetary aspect in the birth chart, then it may cause hindrances in your life path. A benefic Sun will let you to be admired in front of the people. You’ll be attached to the material pleasures and will love spending too much on expensive items so you should be careful in guarding against losing your wealth. In some case, you might face dangers to your life after 25th year.

The challenges in your life
You may suffer financial loses and properties on your way of happy life. You will become an object of deceiving in front of others. The people who are close to you may cheat you to have a part of your earning. When the people will trick you, you shall find it very difficult to escape from their clutches. You may suffer from eye disease.

Is Sun is beneficial in your Horoscope
You’ll be highly skilled by a well placed sun in your horoscope. You will be motivated, will make your own way forward, and will be helpful to your parents, maternal uncles and in-laws.
The placement of Moon in the 6th house gives beneficial result to the person. The skill remains highly truthful if Ketu is found in your 8th house. The presence of Rahu in the 9th house, will make you into a skilled artists and painter. If Mars occupy the 9th house, then you shall move towards the fashion industry and you’ll win over your enemies by your generous nature.
The presence of malefic sun will connect you to the enemies inimical to the sun such as cows, wife and widows. Issues and problems with regard to property and wife may disturb you heavily.

Remedies for ill placed Sun
Proper remedies for the ill-placed sun in a horoscope can help to remove malefic effect of the same. Donation of coconut, mustard oil, cashew nuts and visiting religious places of worship on Sunday and on your birthdays can give you good effects.



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