Sun and Venus Conjunction In Astrology

Sun and Venus Conjunction In Astrology

Sun and Venus Conjunction
The native who have a well places conjunction of Sun and the Venus in the horoscope acquires competence in music, art, poetry and popularity and social success. The person realizes his ambitions and profits through the other sex, and he benefits a lot in material and luxuries of life through his partner. Marriage and progeny gives him intense pleasure and happiness. There will be a much increase in the finance, high position and good luck are certain and the native owns costly ornaments, vehicles and beautiful houses etc. Sun and Venus conjunction can be analysed by astrological consultation report

If the combination of Sun and Venus are in an adverse position then there will be many disappointments in the domestic and family happiness and loss of favor and money usually through scandals or ill-repute, or control expenditure. If the affliction occurs from common signs, double marriage is indicated. The native often gets benefit of all comforts in life, happiness and may find difficulties in accumulating the wealth and money. Sorrows through the opposite sex are likely to affect his or her career.

If the combination is good by direction – There will be a success in every scheme with fresh opportunities knocking at the door. It can be in the form of promotion and rank or the professional achievement. The person will have a jolly good time and there will be a birth of a child. Marriages will take place and other pleasurable event will take place.

If the combination is bad by Progression – There will be huge amount of expenditure and there may be sorrow resulting of sickness of generally wife or mother, the square being more evil than the semi square. Remember in day genitures, Venus represents the mother. If there is any affliction in these combinations, then the health of the mother may not be sound and may let you into trouble.



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