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Sunela - Citrine Gemstone

Sunela – Citrine Gemstone

Buy Certified Citrine “Sunela”:- Represents: Jupiter “Brahaspati”
Citrine-Sunela represents planet Jupiter which is a divine planet of the solar system. Citrine is also known as Sunela “Sunahala” and available in golden color.

Citrine/Sunela can be helpful in Career and professions: Teaching and education, justice, literature, higher education such as Ph.D, ministers, religious work, business related to gold, organizer, grocery, business related to wool, wax, turmeric.

Diseases that get cured wearing this gemstone Sunela-Citrine: Obesity, Ear problems, diseases related to intestine, kidney problem, swelling, cough, fat-related problems.

Wholesale prices of Citrine-Sunela Gemstone: Visit Astrokapoor’s office for buying the loose gemstones in wholesale prices.

We provide certified Sunela–Citrine Gemstone.

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