Sunsitara-Gold Stone

Sun Sitara (Stellaria) Gold stone
Sun Sitara or Goldstone is a type of glittering glass, which is derived in oxygen reducing atmosphere. Another most common name for this material is Aventurine glass. It is also called as “Stellaria” or “Sunstone”. The original manufacturing for Goldstone was in the seventeenth century, by Miotti family. The most common form of Goldstone or Sun-Sitara gemstone is reddish brown, having tiny crystals of metallic copper.

History of Sun-Sitara Gemstone
There are different stories found in history for Sun Sitara. The first story dated back to some 1800 century reveals that an Italian monk, who was making glass at his monastery, accidentally spilled some copper fillings into his molten glass, which lead to the formation of this unique gemstone.

The second story was also in Italy, in this molten copper was accidentally spilled into molten glass and created goldstone gemstone

The third story is that, this gemstone was created by alchemist. One of the critical problems that alchemists tried to solve was how to turn iron into gold. The original manufacturing procedure of this stone started in the seventeenth- century.

Sun-Sitara Gemstone Benefit
This stone is associated with vitality and energy. Blue Goldstone is connected with learning, communication and intellectual development. This stone builds self-confidence, creates positive energy and positive attitude. It is a great for positive energy. It encourages faith and self-efficiency. It activates root and sacral chakra. It is a great mood stabilizer and helps to cure stomach tension. It helps to remove depression and mental tension. It increases wisdom and love for science.

Gold Stone Gemstone Meaning
It is unique to impart positive energy
It is also called as transmitter stone
It activates root and sacral chakra
It protects the center of the body
It encourages faith and self expression
It balances energies and stimulates one physically
It is a great mood stabilizer
It brings happy thoughts

Healing Properties of Sun Sitara
It has metaphysical properties very similar to copper, which includes strengthening of the circulatory system. It strengthens bones, cures arthritis pain. It is used as an energy generator like star diamond. It reduces inflammation and treats circulatory problems. It is believed to increase healing energies emanating from the hands, and is very effective for long distance healing. This is a man made gemstone, but as it contains copper, it is extremely beneficial for increasing blood flow and reduces inflammation.

Sun-Sitara Properties
Red Gold stone is associated with power and vitality. It denotes energy, learning and communication. It is called as a stone of ambition and success. Blue Gold stone is associated with growth and communication, learning and abundance. It is great for anxiety and provides composure. All the colors of Goldstone, generally denotes energy stone.

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