The Expression Number

The Expression Number

The Expression Number reveals the physical and mental constitution of a person. It also reveals the orientation or goal of your life. Sometimes it is also seen as a the Destiny number, because it represents a lifelong target at which you are aiming.
Your expression number also reveals your talents, abilities, characteristics and shortcomings. The extent to which you learn to use these abilities and to tap into your inner potential defines who you are.

The expression number is derived from your full name at birth, meaning your first, middle and the last name. Typically, it is the name that appears on your birth certificate. Occasionally, there are questions about exactly what name is used. A few examples, and how to decide which name to use, are explained below.
When clerical errors occur on a birth certificate, if the mistake is accepted by the parents, and from that point acknowledged name, this name on the birth certificate, with the spelling error, is use to find the Expression Number.

If you have received more than one middle name at birth, use all middle names. Numerology is the key to find lucky names, lucky day and lucky year.

If there is junior, a senior, the third etc in your name, always discard such additions.

Even if you have never used your original name, that name still represents the blueprint of your life, and is sued to find the Expression number.

If you have been adopted, and never knew your original name, use the name that is the earliest remembered name.



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