secret of sapphires

The Secret Of Sapphire

The Secret of Sapphire
Sapphire is the most charming and precious gemstone in the category of stone. The value of Sapphire depends on the mine because the stone home ground bears the minerals with their unique traits called as – secrets.

So, what are they? Let’s distill all of them!
Color secrets
The price is dominated by its color. This is one of the most important factors in comparison to the clarity of the stone. If we compare to diamond, it is very rare that sapphires are absolutely clear. Even the most luxurious and highly prized sapphire will have some amount of inclusions in them. But, numerous jewelry brands of the world are proud of these factors while creating the exclusive designs for the sapphires.

The best valuable shades of sapphire are the shade of blue and dark blue. The heavy medium and dark shades are special and light and dark hues are cheaper ones.

The inky sapphires are not rare. They can be mined from numerous countries and many deposits and is a passion for jewelry industries. The Sapphires were, are and will be the most desired stones in the world of jewelry. The dark blue sapphires are also found easily and they are mined from numerous countries. Many deposits of this corundum are typically found in Sri Lanka, Kenya, and Tanzania. In a similar way, the country of the actual origin really impacts the value of the stone, especially if the sapphire is of the highest quality.

Selection of Sapphires
The sapphires from Kashmir are regarded by numerous legends. They are mainly called ‘old’ stones, which changed hands numerous times. Kashmiri real ones sapphire has become desire that takes a long time and is the hunting objects of the collectors. This simply means that Kashmiri stones cannot be simply met in the jewelry piece of modern producers.

The sapphires of Mogok present in North Burma are called as ‘midnight blue stars’. Now, the mining of gem in these regions is very limited. The Burmese Blue sapphires are darker and clearer than the Kashmiri ones. These stones are chosen by the Arabic sheiks.

The main place of sapphire mining is Ratnapura present in Sri Lanka. Besides, it is known as the place of largest world sapphires. This was when Prince Charles presented the engagement ring of Ceylon sapphire to his fiancée Princess Diana, sapphires of Sri Lanka became the most popular in the world.

The Australian sapphire also carries its own beauty. It is velvety blue, and greenish blue in appearance. It is known that in the year 1960, Australia held the garland of victory as to sapphires mining in the whole world.

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