Things You Need To Know About White Sapphire

Things You Need To Know About White Sapphire

 thing you need to know about White Sapphire
It is popularly known as saved Pukhraaj. The wearers of this gemstone are blessed with luxurious and comfortable life and also accelerate financial prosperity and attract beauty, charm, and wealth too. Lot of credit goes to the planet Venus which is an epitome of good luck, wisdom, and celestial grace.

Benefits of white Sapphire Stone :
• It blesses the wearer with an artistic temperament and augments his/ her creativity.

• White Sapphire Gemstone is beneficial for marital bliss.

• It nullifies the negative energy and negative thoughts; this gemstone helps in fulfilling the mind with peace and calmness.

• It is extremely useful or the people who are working in the area of travel, tourism, beauty industry, artistic endeavor and import and export.

• White Sapphire stone is considered very well for the reproductive organs and thus is helpful in removing the venereal diseases and is also aid in conception. The treatment is same and should be adopted only under guidance.

• It helps to strengthen the cosmic rays of Venus and thus infuses love, warmth and affection in all relationship.

• But before wearing white sapphire, it is important to get a flawless white stone because discoloration may cause ill luck to the wearer.

• Wear the gem on a mounted ring/pendant and ensure that the stone touches the skin of the finger.

• Best to wear it on the middle finger or the little finger.

• Friday is the ideal day for wearing white sapphire.

• Dip stone in cow milk before wearing.

• Rinse it with water.

• Place it in front of the Shukracharya.

• Light some incense stick in front of the stone.

• Pray to Lord before wearing this gemstone.

• Chant the mantra before wearing white sapphire gemstone – ‘Aum Shum Shukraya Namaha’.

• Place the ring on the concerned finger or wear it as a chain or a pendant.

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