Tiger Eye Stone – Gemstone of Symbolism

Tiger Eye Stone – Gemstone of Symbolism

Tiger Eye Stone – Gemstone of Symbolism
Tiger-eye is a stone of karmic symbol. It is a combination of earth energy with the energies of the sun to create a high vibrational state nevertheless grounded. This powerful stone aids in balancing the harmony and release fear and anxiety. Tiger’s eye enhances the psychic vision and raises the kundalini energy. Gemstones have mystical properties and remove the negative effect of planets if ill placed in a horoscope.

Tiger Eye Meaning
This stone resembles a fine band of color in striations similarly like an eye of a tiger or cat’s eye so called as tiger eye. It is yellow to brownish in color with a fine slippery surface.

Where is it from?
The largest source of Tiger-eye can be found in South Africa but is also found in Burma, India and Western Australia.

What power Tiger Eye Gemstone Posses?
It has an excellent metaphysical characteristic. It imparts protection and works as a talisman against the ill wishes and curses. Tiger’s eye assists in accomplishing the goals reorganize and brings out the best in oneself. The jewelry of Tiger-eye integrates the aura of the body and enhances the practical perception. It is helpful for resolving dilemmas and internal conflicts especially, especially those brought about by pride and willfulness.

Tiger Eye Gemstone Benefit
This yellow stone carries immense benefits. This heals the issues of self-worth and self-criticism and blocked creativity. If one is having difficulty in pampering out the inner capabilities then wearing tiger-eye beads bracelet helps to combat the same and improves success and growth. Emotionally, it is beneficial for balancing the Yin-Yang energy and lifts the emotional bodies. It alleviates depression, improves the decision-making capacity, and lifts moods. Tiger-eye gemstone is valuable for healing the mental disease and personality disorders.

Healing with Tiger Eye
Healing properties of tiger-eye consist of cure of eye disease and aids in night visions. It heals the throat and the reproductive organs. Brain diseases are healed by the use of tiger-eye gemstone. If worn on the right arm or as a pendant for short periods it heals the navel chakra for spiritual grounding.

Yellow tiger-eye gemstone aids in removing the malefic effect planet i.e. Jupiter and Sun. If you are not capable of buying the precious gemstone for healing these two planets then you can buy this stone for propagating the ill effects of these planets.

Varieties of Tiger Eye
There are various varieties of tiger-eye gemstone but the most commonly found gemstones are-
• Blue Tiger’s Eye – This is a calming stone and aids in overanxious, quick-tempered, and phobia. In healing, Blue Tiger’s Eye slows the metabolism, cools, an overactive mind.
• Gold Tiger’s Eye – It aids in paying attention to detail and warn against the complacency of assisting in taking action from a place of reason rather than emotion.
Red Tiger’s Eye – Is a stone that overcomes lethargy and provides motivation. In healing, it speeds up the slow metabolism of the body.

Hawk’s Eye
A hawk’s eye is a banded form of Tiger’s Eye. This is an excellent stone that heals the earth’s energy and for grounding energy. Hawk’s eye stimulates the physical body aids in vision and insight and increases psychic abilities such as sensory contact of the brain.
If placed in the wealth corner of a room, Hawk’s eye attracts abundance. It is good for dissolving the restrictive energies and ingrained behaviour. It heals the circulatory system, bowels, and legs and can bring the psychosomatic reason to the surface.



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