Tiger Iron

Tiger Iron

Tiger Iron Gemstone is a combination of Jasper, Hematite, and Tiger’s Eye. It exist the metaphysical properties of all the three, including properties of its own component as well. It promotes vitality and helps in passing through change, pointing to a place of safety in danger situation. It is extremely helpful for people who are deeply exhausted at any level. It cures emotional and mental stress. It promotes a change by opening a space to contemplate what is needed and then supplying the necessary energy. Tiger’s Iron is a powerful lower chakra stone and promotes physical vitality, stamina and energy. Tiger Iron helps to manifest idea like Tiger’s eye.

Tiger Iron Properties
Color-Golden Brown, Red, Yellow
Appearance-Opaque, patterned, and tumbled
Source-Worldwide/Australia/South Africa
Chakra-Root, Solar Plexus, Sacral
Chemical composition-Silicon dioxide

Tiger Iron Benefit
Tiger Iron is a creative and artistic stone that brings out inherent talents. It works on the blood, and balances the red-white cell count, eliminates toxins, and heals the hips, lower limbs, and feet, and strengthens muscles. It aids assimilation of B vitamins and produces natural steroids. Keeping Tiger Iron in contact with the skin helps the wearer to combat negative situation.

It is great stone for artistic talents. Many musicians, artist, and writers are highly beneficial. It acts as healing stone and encourages the remembrance of cell. Mentally, it promotes self expression and communication. It balances the emotions and reduces stress. It brings hope and charm in life. Psychologically, it improves self-esteem and strengthens positive personality. It releases fear and deep-seated stress.

Physically, Tiger Iron helps to assist in healing the sacral and lower chakra of the body. It strengthens the ability for new ideas. It helps to build innovative ideas.

Healing effect of Tiger Iron
This stone strengthen the circulatory system and the heart muscle. It is helpful for conditions affecting the nerves of the body, such as neuralgia. It calms epilepsy and soothes joint pain. It treats muscular disorders, fevers, the urinogenital system, thyroid and parathyroid, adrenal glands. It is a natural pain reliever. It is beneficial in osteoporosis, tooth decay. It eliminates difference caused by left-right brain imbalance.

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