Top Benefits of Blue Sapphire

Top Benefits of Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire – A Gem for Saturn
Blue sapphire – Neelam is associated with the planet Saturn, the judge of all the planets. Blue Sapphire is a very effective gemstone. It is believed that if Blue sapphire is favorable to the wearer then it gives huge benefits in a very short time. Saturn is the planet that relates to hard work so by wearing Blue Sapphire one needs to do hard work to get the maximum benefits of Shani Deva. Some of the immense benefits of Blue Sapphire are:
1) Blue Sapphire brings luck, wisdom and prosperity.
2) Wearing Blue Sapphire increases the farsightedness in the wearer.
3) It is one of the fastest acting gemstone and its impact is noticed in a very short period of time.
4) Blue Sapphire Gemstone clears mental clarity and increases self confidence in the wearer.
5) Blue Sapphire has excellent healing abilities and heals the senses and blesses with calmness and clarity.
6) It gives very positive boost in the finance and the expenses.
7) To those who are in the spiritual world, it gives the capacity to perform austere spiritual practices.
8) It boosts self-confidence and also makes one self-worth.
9) Blue Sapphire promotes compassion and act as a protection from evil eye and black magic.
10) Blue Sapphire clears confusion and encourage extroversion.

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