Top Benefits of Galena

Top Benefits of Galena

Galena is a stone which is a blessing in the form of stone. It is a stone of harmony and it brings on all levels and harmonizes the physical, etheric and spiritual planes. It is also called as grounding stone that helps in anchoring and centering the human emotions. Galena aids in holistic healing and is excellent for doctors, homeopaths and herbalists. Galena gemstone is mined from hydrothermal ore veins associated with chalcopyrite quartz. It is also found in metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. Some of the benefits of Galena which makes it an excellent stone are:
1) Galena opens the mind and helps to expand the ideas for future development of life.
2) Galena reduces inflammations and eruptions from the body.
3) Galena stimulates circulation and benefits veins.
4) Galena is beneficial for hair and revitalizes the skin.
5) Galena is releases negative feelings and heals past life experiences also.
6) Galena gently dissolves anger and alleviates fear and clears inner security.
7) Galena stimulates connection to inner knowledge and is used for shamanic ceremonies.
8) Galena aids in understanding and releasing the causes of addiction and helps you to express your true self.
9) Galena teaches how to see behind a façade to what is, and promotes diplomacy.
10) Galena aids quick thinking and promotes organizational abilities and seeing projects through it.
11) Galena imparts determination to all pursuits and brings the courage to get grips with problems assertively.
12) Galena aligns the chakras and can be used in chakra layouts.
13) Galena sustains and supports at the time of stress and brings tranquility and wholesness.
14) Galena unifies all aspects of your life and reminds people to help each other.
15) Galena can be used to clear emotional debts and free up the emotions, healing heartache, especially that carried forward from other lives.

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