Top Benefits of White Coral Gemstone

Top Benefits of White Coral Stone

White Coral Gemstone Benefits

White Coral is also called as “ Safed Moonga”. Amongst the Coral, White Coral and Red Coral are the two varieties of Coral.

Astrology of White Coral Gemstone

The White coral is also called as Safed Moonga. It is for the typical position of Mars in Cancer which is a debilitating planetary position. In some places energies of Venus has been associated with white coral which is absolutely incorrect. The gemstones which are used for Venus are Diamond, White Sapphire, White Zircon and Colorless Quartz. Venus is completely different from Moon and it is not right to relate white coral with Venus. White Coral gemstone is helpful in healing the position of Moon and Mars energies.

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Names of White Coral Gemstones

White coral is also called as Shwet Parval and Safed Moonga.

White Coral Gemstone benefits
  • White Coral gemstone is not a stone; it is an organic gemstone which is specially used in medical astrology and Ayurveda. It is also used for certain position of Mars in Cancer. This planet rules blood system of the body.
  • White coral gemstone is blessed with healing power and used for improvement in general debility, anxiety, fear of unknown and provides strength to the immune system.
  • In Ayurveda texts, white coral gemstone is used for blood-related disorders. In Ayurveda, white coral is made into fine paste which is called as Pishti and mixed with medicines for healing medicines.
  • White Coral helps to overcome fear, anxiety and lack of confidence.
  • It is also good for infants who suffer from low metabolism and eating problems.
  • It helps to heal cold, bronchitis and asthma.
  • White coral is a powerful gemstone to overcome fear and anxiety.
  • It is an excellent gemstone for curing skin disorders and leucoderma.
  • It helps to radiate powerful positive energies.
  • People who have problem in communication can wear white coral gemstone. It helps to increase confidence and also boost the energy level.
  • White Coral protects its wearer from accidents and mishaps.
  • A short temper person may wear white coral for relaxing mind.
  • White Coral stone also reduces mental tension. Therefore, if you’re in depression you can wear white coral after proper consultation.
  • Females suffering from miscarriage may wear white coral.
  • In general, white coral blesses a person with good health and physique.

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