Top Benefits of Petalite

Top Benefits of Petalite

Top Benefits of Petalite

Petalite is the stone of new age and it is sometimes also called an angel stone because it enhances the angelic connection between two souls. This is also called a protective stone as it aids in spiritual connection. This stone can give numerous benefits if worn as a pendant and in a bracelet. This stone helps in meditation and attunement of the body, mind and the soul.

Benefits of Petalite

1) Petalite is a shamanic stone and it provides a safe environment for the spiritual contact and for a vision quest.
2) Petalite activates and energizes the process, and at the same time grounds during the spiritual activity.
3) Petalite stone is very useful in healing the disease associated with the thyroid gland and it opens up the throat chakra and the higher crown of the chakras.
4) Petalite links and associate one to the high spiritual vibrations and it moves beyond the metaphysical abilities.
5) It helps to establish connection with the spiritual knowledge and facilitates what you’re speaking in the crowd.
6) Even a small piece of Petalite is extremely potent as a gem elixir. It can be used to release negative karma and to clear entities from the aura or the mental body.
7) Petalite if carried on the body constantly energizes and activates all the energy centers of the body at every level.
8) Petalite enhances and energizes the environment in which it finds itself.
9) Pink Petalite clears the heart meridian and emotional baggage and strengthens the emotional body and releases fear and worry.
10) Clear Petalite renders negative energies impotent and clears implants miasms, and negative karma at any level.
11) Petalite promotes self-confidence, optimism and determination. It has the power to change and stabilize relationships.
12) Petalite heals the emotions and is useful for strengthening the eyesight.

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