Top Benefits of Tanzanite Gemstone

Top Benefits of Tanzanite Gemstone

Tanzanite is a heat-amended gemstone and consists of high vibration and facilitates altered states of mind. It changes its colour when viewed from different directions. The shifting of colors facilitates raising consciousness and it links to the angelic realms, *spirit guides*, and the Ascended masters. Some of the immense benefits of tanzanite that makes it a remarkable gemstone are as follows:
1) Tanzanite works on the head, throat and chest.
2) Tanzanite assists in manifesting your own self rather than being influenced by some others or trying to conform to the norm.
3) Tanzanite gemstone dispels lethargy and brings to the surface repressed feelings and emotions so that they can be expressed.
4) Tanzanite is a detoxifier and neutralizes the over acidification of the body.
5) Tanzanite facilitates the easy moving and quickly from the physical level to the psychic level of the body.
6) Tanzanite is an extremely useful stone as it assists in accepting the less positive aspects of life and prevents despondency.
7) Tanzanite is extremely helpful for the past life exploration and if helps to visualize images of the experience while going deeply into the feelings and experiences of appropriate.
8) Tanzanite heals the nervous system and treats abdominal distension and constricted blood flow from the body.
9) Tanzanite is helpful for male impotence and it also relieves crams from the body.
10) Tanzanite calms nervousness and brings peaceful heart.
11) Tanzanite if placed under the pillow at night brings peaceful sleep and an untroubled mind.
12) Tanzanite stimulates insights into the causes of disease or patterns that have been carried over and aids reframing situations to bring about healing.
13) Tanzanite fills the gaps between thought and intellect and assists in defining and pursuing goals and shuts off mind.
14) Tanzanite facilitates the practice of circular breathing.
15) Tanzanite is an aid to meditation and shuts off the mind chatter.

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