Top ten benefits of Hessonite

Top Ten Benefits of Hessonite

Hessonite is also called as Gomedh. It is the gemstone of Rahu, the shadowy planet. Hessonite gemstone is light brown to light lemon color. Sometimes, Hessonite stone is also found in dark red color. Astrologically, Hessonite is a powerful gemstone for bringing luck suddenly and long-lasting.
1) It imparts self-resistance and promotes self-confidence.
2) Hessonite / Gomedh is very useful in removing the ill effect of Rahu.
3) This opens up the intuition and carries one to the destination.
4) Hessonite bestows the vitality and charisma an excellent quality of life.
5) It unites the creative forces within the self.
6) Hessonite /Gomedh imparts a willingness to help others and strengthens the heart.
7) It is an antidepressant and suppresses the nightmares and bad dreams.
8) It helps to remove the effect of black magic and cures one from an evil eye.
9) If the malefic planet Rahu is placed in 12th, 8th or 6th house then Hessonite is recommended to wear. It also removes fear complexes in a person.
10)It is an excellent gemstone for removing the gastric disorders and problems due to sluggish liver.

It is always advised to wear Gomedh stone after proper consultation with an expert astrologer because it is a precious gemstone representing the malefic planet Rahu. It is a shadowy planet and brings kaal sarpa yoga. Therefore wearing Gomedh after proper consultation with an expert can give immense benefit to the wearer. If you’re looking for an expert astrologer then you can contact our panel of experts on We have excellent astrologers that prescribe correct and proper gemstone to wear after proper analysis of the birth chart and the horoscope of the person, It should be worn in Panchdhatu metal or in silver studded in rings or pendants.



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