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Topaz Gemstone In India

Topaz Gemstone In India

Topaz gemstones are one of the best substitutes for yellow sapphire. It is produced in California, USA mainly but it is available in almost all the countries of the world. Imperial Topaz is found from the mines of Capao and Vermelhao, exists in Brazil.

Topaz gemstones are available in numerous colors like white, blue and yellow. Amongst all the most popular topaz is the white one. A white gemstone enhances the beauty of the wearer too. It also acts as a stone for the planet Venus. Due to its magnificent color; it has attracted the eyes of many jewelry designers. Nigeria, Brazil and Sri Lanka are the top sellers of white topaz in the world.

Benefits of Yellow Topaz

– It is good for health issues like joint pain, lower backache, elimination problems, constipation and obesity.
– It is helpful for the people who are suffering from diabetes, hypoglycemia, gallstones, nervousness, low energy, muscle cramps, stomach problems, and lumbar spine.
– It helps to bring prosperity to the wearer.
– This is a powerful stone that aids in understanding.
– Wearing a yellow topaz benefit the health and the stomach area too. It is said to be an effective healing stone with this chakra and is good for liver, kidney and bladder problems.
– It is also good for those who suffer from asthma and other throat related problems.
– It helps to cure diabetes.
– Wearing a yellow topaz brings joy and peace and helps to dissolve health issues.

Procedure for wearing Yellow Topaz

Yellow Topaz is worn in the index finger of the correct hand (Left Hand for left-handed people and the Right Hand for right-handed people). The ideal day is Thursday morning before 12 PM during the Shukla Paksha. It is believed that it has the power to bring the fateful encounter. It also makes the thought process pure and gives us the power thought of you come true.

There is also a color blue, red, brown and yellow topaz. Yellow Topaz is said to be “stone golden” in particular. This is because it is ruled by the planet Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion. Wearing yellow sapphire is the best substitute for yellow sapphire. It also strengthens the love and the relationship area of husband and wife. If one is not finding suitable match for marriage then yellow topaz can also help the same.

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