Turquoise Gemstone Healing

Turquoise Gemstone Healing

Turquoise gemstone is the oldest stone in the man’s history. It is found in green to bluish color. The color of the Turquoise is enchanting green to ocean blue with little lines of blue and dark green lines on the surface. Turquoise is also called as Firoza and is a very auspicious stone in Islam religion. Turquoise or Firoza is used for getting ward off the evil and black magic eye. It carries immense benefits. Let us look at the benefits of Firoza or Turquoise.
• Turquoise removes the negative encircling around a person.
• Turquoise or Firoza is an auspicious stone in Islam.
• It is a stone of protection and removes s evil eye from a person’s life.
• Turquoise or Firoza is used for the planet Jupiter in astrology. According to astrological science, Turquoise or Firoza is very powerful for increasing the benefic effect of planet Jupiter in the horoscope.
• Turquoise beads dated back some 5000 B.C. have been found in Iraq and Egypt and widely used in medical astrology.
• Turquoise is used in the medical astrology for the treatment of depression and other mental problems.
• Firoza beads are widely used in enhancing the beauty of the jewelry.
• This is a spiritual stone useful in removing the black magic.
• It is a stone of everlasting love, spiritualism and charm.
• Turquoise removes unwanted fear and brings confidence level at a balance level.
• Turquoise has remarkable healing properties and heals the navel chakra of the body.
• Turquoise is the birthstone for Sagittarius. It is very useful in removing the malefic effect of Jupiter in one’s horoscope.



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