Turquoise Healing

Turquoise Healing

Turquoise Stones have been in use for thousands of years, and are some of the oldest stones which are used in jewelry making. They have impressive metaphysical properties, and they are powerful healing stones. They have a natural energy and help us to communicate well. They have strong spiritual attunement and are effective to aid communication.

They have a strong effect within the throat chakra. They help to increase clairaudient abilities and help to balance male and female aspects too. They have distinct vibrations and resonate with the throat and the third eye chakra allows to access past life knowledge.

Where Is It From?
The best stones come from Australia, Iran, Afghanistan, Tibet and the south-western USA. Chemically it is called as aluma phosphate. The color of these stone is classic color and called Turquoise. The other color includes Green stones from Tibet, White Turquoise stones some commonly and some uncommon purple turquoise. All colors of this stone are becoming hard to get in the natural form. White Turquoise is known to form when neither of these minerals occurs in the stone, white stones are quite rare.

A lot of stone selling in the name of turquoise is dyed Magnesite and sometimes dyed Howlite, so try to be aware and ensure to get the genuine stone.

Metaphysical Properties
This stone has a unique vibration that shines with the energy of the truth. The effect of this unusual energy is within the throat chakra and also helps one to speak truth, wisdom and forthrightness.

Turquoise Stone
If you are a shy person then Turquoise stones may help you to contribute more to conversations. It also makes one aware when what you have to say has value and validity.

The energy of this stone vibrates strongly with the heart or thymus chakra and also helps to aid compassion and forgive others compassionately towards you. It has impressive metaphysical properties and helps to encourage empathy.

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